Can man live without God? Why do many people who reject God seem to live happy and fulfilled lives?

Raghunath Roy Choudhury 2012/08/03 19:22:46
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don't know
u tell me
All of the above
None of the above
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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/13 03:31:39
  • Odinsown 2012/08/05 06:52:18
    None of the above
    Man is unique. He seeks things outside of survival to fulfil his spiritual needs. However not all of these things need be the Gods.
  • Swan Eshdeh 2012/08/04 20:26:11
    None of the above
    Swan Eshdeh
    you are wrong !!
  • Mel 2012/08/04 19:44:40
    None of the above
    Live without God?Which God do you speak of? Your chouce of answers is vague and unclear? Who sets the standard of living with a belief in God?
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/08/04 20:25:50
    Swan Eshdeh
    agree !
  • sjalan 2012/08/04 03:51:46
    None of the above
    Really rather simple, They have rejected all the prejudice, bigotry and hatred of the religious groups and embrased our planet and have chosen to live in harmony with it.

    Suggest a good yoga class or tai chi class for inter peace.
  • Starman - Guru of Reason 2012/08/03 21:19:12
    u tell me
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    Belief in a higher power has been shown to be a good coping mechanism for many people. That doesn't mean the supreme being is real, or that there are not other mechanisms that can be utilized effectively.

    I personally do not see any compelling evidence that any of the gods exist, and am not going to set aside knowledge and fact to try to achieve some coping benefits. I can though, understand the need of many for that kind of support, and therefore there desperation to hold onto their unsupported beliefs.
  • TheHushedScreamer 2012/08/03 19:39:10
    None of the above
    One doesn't need religion to be happy. Life isn't about being religious, it's about living.
  • Willski 2012/08/03 19:36:51
    None of the above
    Yup. I have for quite some time. The concept of religion is unnecessary for me to live my life. Without it I'm free from some outdated self-imposed regulations, and concepts or expectations arbitrary extreme punishments, (such as eternal torment in hell for coveting a neighbour’s possession. If I want my neighbour’s car, I get eternal damnation? I'll take atheism thanks.)
  • Erik Dean 2012/08/03 19:31:22
    None of the above
    Erik Dean
    Because I don't need a deity justifying my existence to have a good life. I can do that on my own.
  • dustin.oubre 2012/08/03 19:28:24
    don't know
    I don't know about some people, but I certainly can live without any gods, and have been for the past 10 years.

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