Can a Girl rape a Guy????

Lanie 2010/02/19 16:01:30
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  • Ivaaan 2011/07/22 13:06:09
    "If the guy gets hard he wants it - this is not rape". That means if I force her to have sex with me, I get in, she gets wet, this also isn't rape? Comeon girls, think deeper!

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  • Roy Murphy 2013/06/05 12:30:00
    Roy Murphy
    Why is this in fun and humor?
  • SOS93 2011/10/27 15:46:54
    anyone can fawking rape, i mean i've heard of girl rapeing guys :| say theres some random guy on a bus yea and hes coming back fromm work k so this weirdo girl behind him starts to take of his pants and touching his d|ck, and like hes struggling to get away, thats a girl rapeing a guy O.O weird but true o_o
  • mike j 2011/10/14 15:28:58
    mike j
    NO just wont happen . i mean a girl wont get so far as touching my hand if i dont let it happen , so for sure nothing else is going to happen. maybe she might assault me by some stretch of the imagination or by definition of some legal term , but no and I can handle this without any help from anybody.
  • Ivaaan 2011/07/22 13:06:09
    "If the guy gets hard he wants it - this is not rape". That means if I force her to have sex with me, I get in, she gets wet, this also isn't rape? Comeon girls, think deeper!
  • Tackytiger 2011/04/04 15:34:05 (edited)
    Girls can rape guys and the guy wouldn't need to be drugged, tied up or wasted either. Girls are alot stronger than we like to think and there are plenty of girls out there who are capable of physically overpowering guys and imposing their will. We don't like admitting it but it is true and probably happens more than anyone realises. Females have strong sexual urges too and can sometimes desire having total power over the opposite sex - just like some men do. Not all girls can get satisfaction from just lying back and taking it.

    Any kind of close physical contact with a female will cause most guys to become erect. All guys know that you cannot just will away an unwanted erection. All the girl has to do is pin the guy and jump on top. Once the girl is on top - she is in control, not the guy, no matter how tough he thinks he is...
  • dwayne ... Tackytiger 2011/10/12 20:18:37
    dwayne johnson
    yes, but there have been situations if the guy is married and really loves his wife more then this hot girl on top of him; he will push her off and run away.
  • bob 2011/02/07 23:58:07
  • bob 2011/02/07 23:56:19
  • Franman 2010/03/15 17:24:39
    The answer is NO. Only a man can commit rape, at least in the UK.
    Rape is clearly defined in the Sexual Offenses Act 2003. It is defined as "Penile Penetration"
  • larry Franman 2011/05/04 16:55:05
    thank you I agree with you man
  • xboss 2010/02/25 14:41:34
  • larry xboss 2011/05/04 16:56:05
    disagree the day I get rape by a chick is the day women turn into men lol and please don't let that happen.
  • MILLERTIME 2010/02/19 18:40:54
  • larry MILLERTIME 2011/05/04 16:54:00
    wait I don't want to get rape by one of those muscle women ew gross but I still think its impossible cause no women has the desire to rape a guy unless she hate his guts besides there other ways to get back at a guy other rape.
  • Gordon ... MILLERTIME 2012/06/29 21:28:38
    Gordon Holley
    Problem: It is almost impossible for a guy to hold an erection if he is scared and conscious, but drugs easily take care of that.
  • Dave In Cali 2010/02/19 18:31:56
    Dave In Cali
    Is the girl ugly? If so, it's rape! *screams*
  • larry Dave In... 2011/05/04 16:51:21
    I love ugly girls lol so bring it on I just hate bad girls
  • I Am Tessa 2010/02/19 17:54:22
    I Am Tessa
    with rope and a shit-ton of viagra.... :) lol jk, i dont really know if they can..
  • larry I Am Tessa 2011/05/04 16:50:53
    u may end up killing the guy lol
  • Nick 2010/02/19 17:27:26
    No means no... unless you're playing some kinky game agreed to by both parties beforehand. :P
  • larry Nick 2011/05/04 17:37:53
    I think guys don't know women they aren't that aggressive as men in this subject of rape let alone a women isn't even capable of it cause her mind is on much appealing things such as money but if they was to rape the a guy they would not right out force a guy but use there ways mentally and which makes its scary cause a man may not know that he's even getting rape lol.None of this is the case tho there is so many men that willing to give it up so easy that a women wouldn't have to rape a guy cause men is that easy and if that guy don't want to give it up some other guy will even if you're marry lol that how easy guys are.Now women are starting to be like that to well they may have been but they was more sneaky about it.
  • ♥SuNsHiNe♥ 2010/02/19 17:08:08
    Anyone can rape anyone..
  • larry ♥SuNsHiNe♥ 2011/05/04 17:37:02
    nah women only rape other women not men its not capable cause girl is to strong and men are weak and easy to get in bed.
  • Lady_V 2010/02/19 16:49:34
    I'd assume it'd be chopped up as to what a man would consider rape. Forign objects forced into certain areas in their lower regions would tend to make one think that is rape, while others would say that it has to be with body parts only.
    Personally, if someone attempted to put anything (body part or not) into places the person getting it done to w/o their consent is considered rape.
  • larry Lady_V 2011/05/04 17:22:09
    I say girls aren't capable of rape even if live depends on it
  • Steve-Aye 2010/02/19 16:40:15
    Lanie I have no idea.. wanna try it?? lol jk lanie wanna lol jk
  • Lil*Tezza 2010/02/19 16:16:15
    yes if a man says no to any sexual contact and is still forced to do so then yes its rape
  • larry Lil*Tezza 2011/05/04 17:23:29
    find a man that will say no lol except if he's marry or have a gf other then that good luck with the no lol
  • Matt 2010/02/19 16:07:21
    Only if he is underage or if she has a "strap on" ! You can't shoot pool with a rope !
  • Taylor James 2010/02/19 16:06:06
    Taylor James
    i dont think so! if a guys weiner gets hard it means they want it!!!! so that is not raping!!!! guys weiner raping guys weiner raping
  • Nick Taylor ... 2010/02/19 17:24:05
    Sexual excitement does not equal consent...
  • BURNT OUT! 2010/02/19 16:05:00 (edited)
  • Melody 2010/02/19 16:04:19
    no she could like molesst him but if the guys thing stands up he wants it and its not considered rape
  • Lanie Melody 2010/02/19 16:04:56
    ya.. thats wat i thought
  • Scott ヶ... Melody 2010/02/19 16:05:52
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    The definition of rape is any unwanted sexual contact. Thus, if a man is forced to engage in any sexual activity -- oral sex, frontage, sexual humiliation, penetration with objects, etc. -- against his will, it is rape.
  • Melody Scott ヶ... 2010/02/19 16:08:06
    guys are stronger than girls so if they dont want it they could push her away
  • Scott ヶ... Melody 2010/02/19 16:10:27
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Drug, drunk...tied....some guys can be week and also could be multiple girls.
  • Melody Scott ヶ... 2010/02/19 16:11:35 (edited)
    true ok so it could happen
  • Scott ヶ... Melody 2010/02/19 16:12:54
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    I could.....it might happen a lot who knows, i doubt many males will admit to it.
  • Melody Scott ヶ... 2010/02/19 16:14:38
    yeah true but ive never heard of girls doing that i mean if i were to get raped by anyone i wouldnt want to admit it either but im pretty sure its worse for a guy getting raped by a girl

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