Camouflage Body Paintings: Marvelous or Meh?

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SLIDESHOW: Camouflage Paintings: Awesome?

Supermarket Stealth
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Supermarket Stealth

Can you spot the camouflaged body amidst the shelves of soda?
  1. Supermarket Stealth

    Supermarket Stealth

    Can you spot the camouflaged body amidst the shelves of soda?

  2. Graffiti Guy

    Graffiti Guy

    This one's a little more obvious, but no less impressive.

  3. Hiding Behind Art

    Hiding Behind Art

    Is Liu Bolin the dragon...or is the dragon Liu Bolin?

  4. Forestic Frenzy

    Forestic Frenzy

    Camouflaging is second nature to certain animals, but Bolin proves that he, too, can blend in with trees and dirt.

  5. Street-Side Slyness

    Street-Side Slyness

    Just another street in suburban China? Not quite.

  6. Touristic Trouble

    Touristic Trouble

    This may look like just another tourist attraction, but that's because "China's Invisible Man" is doing such a great job.

Camouflage Body Paintings: Marvelous or Meh?
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They say art comes in many forms -- and that may or may not include camouflaging. Liu Bolin, also referred to as "China's Invisible Man" is an artist who specializes in camouflage body paintings. He picks a place, studies its every detail, and then produces body art that allows him or a model to blend in with the environment in the most natural way possible.

His work is definitely not considered traditional art, but we think it's pretty awesome. From supermarket aisles to suburban Chinese streets, look through the slideshow to get more familiar with his unique work. And let us know if you think it's as marvelous as we do.
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