Brazilian Bikinis Too Skimpy or Just Right

Berrydog Bikinis 2012/04/16 14:18:39
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Personally I love to see fit women in skimpy Brazilian and Thong Bikinis and I have noticed more and more women especially younger ones wearing these more daring styles. So what do you think, thumbs up or down for Brazilian Bikinis? I vote a big thumbs up.women younger wearing daring styles thumbs brazilian bikinis vote thumbs

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  • alexis 2012/07/27 18:29:04
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    I would wear it it looks sooooo sexy
  • Irml18 2012/05/30 20:33:52
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Too Skimpy For Me
    Brazilian bikinis are WAY too revealing. Why not cover up?
  • Legendary 63 2012/05/03 05:10:19
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    Legendary 63
    Brazilian bikinis look good on women with fat butts and relatively small waists...like a large portion of the female Brazilian population. However, on slim women, it makes their small asses look better!
  • microbikinibabe 2012/04/19 16:51:38
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    I love Brazilian Bikinis but Thong Bikinis are my absolute favorite.
  • Claise 2012/04/17 19:57:38
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    theyre right, I would wear them if I were a girl
  • Cricket 2012/04/16 14:49:50
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    Those photos are perfect and not skimpy.

    I won't post what skimpy is. Nowadays, they have bikinis that don't cover the nipples all the way or the genital area. One stretch of material in each section and that's, that. Why even wear one? Everything can literally be seen.
  • wolf sloan 2012/04/16 14:36:40
    Brazilian Bikinis Are Just Right
    wolf sloan
    works for me

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