Brad Pitt vs Leonardo DiCaprio

Ayushee 2012/08/06 19:16:10
Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
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  • ~BrilliamPurple~ 2013/08/07 01:06:07
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    HE IS SO HOT!!!!!! leonardo dicaprio hot
  • lighthouse 2012/08/14 03:31:17
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leo is a much better actor, and even though Brad is 11 years older. Leo is right behind him and above him in some award catagories. Plus Leo's movies have made more money than Brads!
  • Hirnungah Mancandy 2012/08/13 04:36:33
    Brad Pitt
    Hirnungah Mancandy
    he's better looking and a better actor .
  • Joe Blow 2012/08/12 22:17:34
    Brad Pitt
    Joe Blow
    Acting-wise, I'd give Leonardo DiCaprio an edge, but looks-wise, the young Brad Pitt had the classic blonde pretty-boy look with perfect facial structure. Stalemate.
  • Jessica~` 2012/08/09 20:00:05
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Dude really he's hot!
  • susan BN-0 2012/08/06 20:19:28
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    susan BN-0
    They are both good actors,but I like Leo more,he blew me away when I saw What's eating Gilbert Grape,he was very convincing as Arnie.
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/06 19:37:25
    Brad Pitt
    Sister Jean
  • Hollywood:D 2012/08/06 19:32:30 (edited)
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    In that pic it's brad pitt. But currently I gotta go with dicaprio. (if we're talking about looks) lol
  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/06 19:20:45
    Brad Pitt
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    I assume we are talking about "acting tallent"

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