ashley 2010/08/20 22:57:14
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well i think when a boy pushes u around they like you
or when they call you names the wont to ask you to be their girl friend
or when yhey say they like you they mean they love you.

maby they just wont to be friend or more then a friend when they do
push or call you names. maby they they just want to have fun.

some boys want sex but some girls dont want to and they try to convince you to have sex some boy just want hat and other wants to wait and some wont to and you dont and you say you dont want to they dont convince you to do something you dont want to do.

some boys are nice sweet kind and others are rude mean selfish and get in trouble
i want a boy that is good and kind and sweet and some times gets in trouble

what kind of boy do you want to have as a boy friend,
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