Boys r stronger than girls? Can u bleed for a week and not die? Can u fit ur legs into tight jeans? Can u watch the love of ur life be with someone else and act like u don't care? Can u poke ur eye with eyeliner and not scream? I don't think so

Cat Gaurdian 2010/12/04 23:10:41
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  • Deandre... jenifer 2012/11/02 04:35:28
    Deandre All Star
    Disproven and also a fact with a hint of obsoulete conifiot
  • nassim 2010/12/07 11:53:42
    i say yes to all questions, but one question and I say it I'll kill him and her lover
    i swear I am serious
  • aazeen 2010/12/06 23:40:13
    True i agree!
  • Orsted 2010/12/06 22:46:59
    If your jeans are tight you need to buy bigger jeans.
  • Megan Orsted 2010/12/07 17:07:04
    girls always get tight jeans to impress the boys, its common sense
  • SereneS Megan 2010/12/07 23:14:31
  • Alex Oger 2010/12/06 21:27:04
    Alex Oger
    can you lift 200 lbs?
  • ScarletBlood 2010/12/06 21:11:45
    can you talk things out instead of starting a fight?
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/12/06 21:11:43
    JCD aka "biz"
    It all depends. During WWI, 1.4 million French men were killed in action, out of a population of 40 million (1.4 million soldiers killed in one war is twice as many as in America's whole history), and I'm not sure that millions of women would have lived, or died, through this living hell, trying to survive in trenches with rats crawling on their bodies at night.
  • Another... JCD aka... 2011/03/10 00:31:09
  • *~кåιѕєяïη σƒ ѕтяαωвєяяÿ ριяα†єѕ~*
    Don't forget waxing, tweezing, hair curler/ flat iron burns, or walking on 10-inch stilleto heels >.>
  • Nifemi ... *~кåιѕє... 2012/06/15 01:10:14
    Nifemi Ilori
    u girls choose too
  • mandy 2010/12/06 18:23:13
    Very true (:
  • leahboo! 2010/12/06 17:14:35
  • sand 2010/12/06 16:48:17
    yes, yes, yes, yes i can because I love them enough to make sure they're happiness is filled. no
  • Firestaff 2010/12/06 16:38:34
    Well if you start thinking it would help. Everyone is different, regardless of sex.

    And it ain't bleeding.

    the release of blood from the vascular system as a result of damage to a blood vessel.
  • ~Black Rose~ 2010/12/06 14:43:11
  • cici 2010/12/06 14:30:32
    thats true. you can't..... :(
  • wolfygirl 2010/12/06 14:29:05
  • James 2010/12/06 03:44:53
    Can you cross the street, get hit by a truck, and watch the love of your life die right before your eyes and still keep your sanity after wards? Nah.....not many people can. Most people would have offed themselves in the same situation or would need to be institutionalized.
  • imrightscientifically 2010/12/05 23:21:52
    yes,yes,yes and yes
  • NightWielder 2010/12/05 22:25:40
    Yeah Cat for sticking up for us girls!=D
  • Cat Gau... NightWi... 2010/12/05 22:26:15
    Cat Gaurdian
    ;D no problem
  • Happy dog lover :) 2010/12/05 19:12:58
    Happy dog lover :)
  • ~Zaley~ 2010/12/05 19:04:43
    yep, girls are stronger
  • Another... ~Zaley~ 2011/03/10 00:33:37
    No, they are not physically stronger, nor mentally stronger. Just because girls have to go through periods and birth doesn't make them stronger, just makes guys better. If you could choose, would you choose to be a girl with periods or without periods? Exactly, you would go without periods, which gives a 1 up to guys. If guys had to deal with the same thing, I don't think they would die or would kill themself. Do you even have a boyfriend? If you do, you obviously don't respect him.
  • ~Zaley~ Another... 2011/03/10 02:41:06
  • Another... ~Zaley~ 2011/03/25 19:19:17
  • Another... ~Zaley~ 2011/03/25 19:20:50
  • ~Zaley~ Another... 2011/03/26 18:42:50
    Okay, I agree we should end this, and I'm sorry about the whole girlfriend thing. And anyone who's read anything else I put on here would know that I was just joking, because that's just who I am. But let's call a truce.
  • Smack Ego Zen 2010/12/05 17:35:10
  • Allera 2010/12/05 17:32:44
    yes we women are stronger than men :)
  • Another... Allera 2011/03/10 00:34:00
    Um, no. Sorry, it's been proven guys are stronger.
  • Anonymousforobvious 2010/12/05 16:49:29
    but we can beet up people who think differently from us, so there.
  • madeina... Anonymo... 2010/12/05 19:03:43
    you think we cant beat someone up? ha. have fun with that theory.
  • Anonymo... madeina... 2010/12/05 19:06:13
    Of course you can't, you don't have any arms, you can't puch if you don't have arms. Us men evolved arms years ago, we even have wings.
  • madeina... Anonymo... 2010/12/05 20:26:31
    some of us might not but some of us sure as hell do
  • Anonymo... madeina... 2010/12/05 20:32:17
    nope, none of you, but it's not your fault, so don't you worry your pretty little head about it.
  • madeina... Anonymo... 2010/12/05 20:35:09 (edited)
    Well you're very prejudice and egotistical, not to mention pompous.
  • Anonymo... madeina... 2010/12/05 20:38:58
    Do you not know what a joke is? wings? really?

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