Being discharged for the army?

ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 00:18:16
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My boyfriend left for basic training on the 14 and he called me on the 25 telling me he is being discharged because they found out he has asthma. So what does that mean? What will happen when he gets home will he still be in the nation guard? Why does he still have to stay for 3-4 weeks there?
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  • Magicwriter 2013/01/29 06:05:19
    I don't think he will still be in the national guard. My cusion was discharged for the same thing and she can never go back. So Idk? :/
  • Dandydon 2013/01/29 01:33:42
    He'll get a medical discharge,it's still a honorable discharge.
  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 01:40:42
    Will he still be in the national guard? Is the reason he will be there for 3-4 more weeks because he's filling out paper work? Thanks
  • Dandydon ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 01:46:36
    No, after being discharged he'll be out of the military.
    Yea it probably takes 3-4 weeks for him to get processed and to get his replacement...

  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 01:58:10
    okay well I guess its good that he said he's over it lol. Replacement? and thanks again
  • Dandydon ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 02:01:03
    Yea, i wasn't thinking about he was just starting basic training,so there wouldn't be a need for a replacement..
  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 02:06:09
    Its okay lol But thanks for all the information it really helped out. Its more than I knew before I am in the dark
  • Dandydon ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 02:07:12
    Welcome :)
  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 02:29:55
    I have a quick question what will he do during those 3-4 weeks besides doing paper work? Also will he be able to call me more?
  • Dandydon ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 02:52:08
    Not sure exactly what he has to do but yea he should be able to call you.
  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 02:58:48
    Okay well I am curious now and I hope your right lol
  • Dandydon ErynTaylor 2013/01/29 02:59:45
    Okay..me too :P
  • ErynTaylor Dandydon 2013/01/29 03:04:30
    Yeah he called me Friday then had to go and said he would call me the next day but no call :/ and I still haven't gotten one I'm very impatient lol this sucks lol
  • Max 2013/01/29 01:17:55
    It takes 3 to 4 weeks to do all the paperwork in order to discharge him.
    If he has been discharged because of a medical condition, he won't be eligible for the National Guard, I think.
    It sounds like he's being discharged because of a medical condition and apparently that's not acceptable to the military.
  • ErynTaylor Max 2013/01/29 01:32:32
    Thanks for the information. Yeah I was thinking why would it take 3-4 weeks but now I know thanks.
  • Flipper 2013/01/29 01:17:52
  • ErynTaylor Flipper 2013/01/29 01:34:37

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