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Pika 2010/10/13 00:41:48
!Viva La Green Day!

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  • ~XxXxMissaJeanxXxX~ 2010/10/13 00:57:04
    ombj i wish i could just touch his guitar but play it my life would be complete
  • XXxxxDetonator Static Monst... 2010/10/13 00:54:10
    XXxxxDetonator Static MonsterxxxXX
    Awesome!!! but 1039 smoothed out slappy hours shoulda gotten some recognition. but over all awesome amazing album, awesome guitar and base solos!!! also luved mr. cools drumming
  • Pika XXxxxDe... 2010/10/13 00:57:55
    I think it was just too early in their career to receive critical acclamation. Although, then again, Kerplunk! is regarded as their third best album... Although probably should be their 2nd.
  • XXxxxDe... Pika 2010/10/13 01:00:13
    XXxxxDetonator Static MonsterxxxXX
    what order does it go in?
  • Pika XXxxxDe... 2010/10/13 01:01:32
    IGN ranked it as
    1. Dookie
    2. American Idiot (couldn't disagree more with...)
    3. Kerplunk!
    4. Insomniac
    5. 1,039
    6. Warning

    It's not that I don't like American Idiot, I just think Insomniac is better. Plus Warning doesn't deserve to be at the bottom
  • XXxxxDe... Pika 2010/10/13 01:03:10
    XXxxxDetonator Static MonsterxxxXX
    agree with what u said. how would u personally rank it??
  • Pika XXxxxDe... 2010/10/13 01:04:02
    Including their new album
    1. Dookie
    2. Insomniac
    3. Nimrod
    4. Kerplunk!
    5. Warning
    6. 1,039
    7. American Idiot
    8. 21st Century Breakdown

    Although Warning is my 2nd favorite album..
  • XXxxxDe... Pika 2010/10/13 01:06:34
    XXxxxDetonator Static MonsterxxxXX
    did u read the thingi posted about them making a new cd that will be released soon-ish (along with a dvd, and concert, but they arent even home yet from the tour they started in 2009, so THATS gonna be a long wait)
  • Natalie 2010/10/13 00:50:27
    amazing. love the guitar in it!!

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