Ay-san's Wild Night

So I started talking to this dude from the PRIDE meeting I met, Donnie. He is so adorable. LIke the way he acts, his shortness and his good looks all come together to create a pretty good package if I do say so myself. Well, Thursday we got into a pretty good conversation, and then Friday we spent the entire day flirting with each other. He invited me to go to UC with him (the gay bar near campus) but I didn't go because of the Asian American Student Assembly going on conflicted with when he was leaving. But the entire time he was there he was texting me anyway instead of enjoying his night out. SO he was like "If you're awake at 1:30 I can pick you up and we can hang out" and of course I stayed up and went out with him. So we went to his dorm (he's an RA, he gets his own private room) and we watch a couple TV shows on his laptop, laying on his bed. At first I moved my feet so that he was sitting on them. Eventually he moved, laying with his head really close to my ass. At one point during that time I was looking at him, he turned his head to move with me, and our eyes met, establishing a connection that would carry on throughout the night. After Project Runway was over (and dear god, a dress to make a pregnant woman's belly look like an egg? And the rest of the dress to make her look like a mother hen? WTF!) he gave me two choices: he could either drive me back up to my dorm, or I could spend the night with him. Of course I chose to spend the night with him. And so we tried to go to sleep, but we ended up cuddling and fondling each other in a very inappropriate manner. And we didn't notice but we were up until 6:30 just cuddling and fondling. An hour later we finally tried to actually sleep XD but I just couldn't sleep, so I asked him at 8:30 if he would take me back to my dorm. He reluctantly said fine, and so I got dressed. He didn't actually want to get up though, so I got on the bed to coax him out. I took his hands and pulled him up, but he kept on going and fell right on top of me. We looked at each other and he started making out with me, something he wouldn't let me do before =/ (but I could run my finger up and down his crack?) he said to give him until 9:15 and I agreed. SO we made out and continued to fondle. We were dry humping by then, and I had taken off my clothes again (I still can't find my socks....) He started playing with my dick, a no-no until then. He finished off with a blowjob and a rim job. And so you look at Ay-san no longer as a boy, but a man, a man who met another man who I adore and had my first sexual experience with. I guess I lost my virginity to him (I'm not ready for anal with him yet)

I'm very proud of myself, for my first sexual encounter I did pretty well. My teasing fingers knew just what to do to set him off. It just seemed so natural, so right. FOr everyone who says homosexuality is unnatural and wrong, well I can attest from personal experience that they are dead wrong. Nothing has ever felt so right in my life.

I apologize for the lack of paragraphing and if my writing sucks, but I'm working off of 2 1/2 hours of sleep after a night of only 6 hours of sleep. Damn fire alarm going off >=O
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