Armed CIVILIAN VIGILANTES patrolling mexican towns to rid themselves of thieves, kidnappers, and drug dealers. Is this what we have to do in this country, in order to get our country back?

GINGERBREAD 2013/01/14 16:42:56
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  • sglmom 2013/01/20 22:57:06
    In my opinion, this is what we'll finally have to do. We have an out of contr...
    Sad commentary .. but quite a lot of truth in this ..
  • Ron in Oregon 2013/01/15 21:22:11
    In my opinion, this is what we'll finally have to do. We have an out of contr...
    Ron in Oregon
    Hang 'em high.
  • mustangluver 2013/01/15 00:35:26
    In my opinion, this is what we'll finally have to do. We have an out of contr...
    Absolutely agree!
  • Willski 2013/01/14 16:52:23
    There's a reason most countrys outlaw vigilantes. There's no judicial process there, just because I think someone's a criminal, doesn't mean they are.
    Vigilantes would act of unfounded suspicions, and personal prejudices, there'd be a lot more innocents targeted than criminals.
  • GINGERB... Willski 2013/01/14 16:58:35
    But these people in Mexico are getting the job done, that the Mexican Government refuses to do.
  • Willski GINGERB... 2013/01/14 18:37:06
    Unregulated, and unmonitored.
    If I go out and shoot 10 people, and say they were drug dealers, and I'm cleaning up the streets, just that I shot 10 people. They could easily have been innocent bystanders randomly selected.

    You have to factor in the differences in crimes between the US and mexico. That and I'm sure proper investigation in Mexico would show that a lot of the people killed were innocent. After all, look at mob-justice in the past.
  • GINGERB... Willski 2013/01/14 20:09:06
    Last year alone, 30,000 Mexican citizens were murdered by people who bought their "ASSULT WEAPONS" from the US DOJ. Now you are saying that the vigilantes would do worse?
  • Willski GINGERB... 2013/01/14 20:38:15
    I'm talking about in America you imbecile.
    In America you don't have the drug cartels ruling the streets or anything, the vast majority of crime is from individual thieves, muggers, rapists murderers etc.
    This kind of individual crime combined with vigilantes would frequently lead to situations a rape victim guessing that her attack was her ex-boyfriend, who's then killed by a mob of angry peasants, when she was actually the random victim of someone else.
    There's a reason that police forces were invented (by Brits) and vigilantism was outlawed.

    Did you know martial law helps reduce crime too? Will you advocate that? Or is it only the untrained, panicky civilians you want roaming the streets with “assault weapons”?
    You have to understand the differences between these situations.
  • GINGERBREAD 2013/01/14 16:50:12
    In my opinion, this is what we'll finally have to do. We have an out of contr...
    Our government is out of control. These alphabet government agencies are making all the laws for us, without going through CONGRESS. As of today, in one year, these agencies have passed over 200,000 "REGULATIONS" that has the power of "LAWS", and no one knows what these "LAWS" are. The only time we find out what these "LAWS" are is when we "COMMIT" these "CRIMES". It's time that "WE, THE PEOPLE", take our country back.

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