Are you "pee shy" ?

Michael, Arrivederci e amore 2007/11/01 10:40:00
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  • Momz3 2007/11/01 12:32:16
    You can't be pee shy with three kids .... Why bother even shutting the door ...there going to open it anyway ! : )

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  • B4Real2Me 2007/11/01 14:08:13
    No, I'm not pee shy but I don't really like using public restrooms due to germs and these days you could be propositioned for a 'date'.
  • Rileymo 2007/11/01 13:45:06
    In ladies rooms it doesn't count LOL
  • Mike (the original sodahead... 2007/11/01 13:45:01
    Mike (the original sodahead 'Mike')
    I just prefer not to be elbow to elbow, but at stadiums, it is tough to avoid that.
  • Hank 2007/11/01 12:43:39
    I can stand flat footed and p*ss in a dump truck. The combination of me and a full bladder make for very little modesty. The only time it is difficult is when we do our mandatory drug screening (random or if we were involved in an accident). The "observer" used to literally stand there and watch you take your "whiz-quiz". Eventually overcame that and had no problems. Now they don't enter the room with you, or at least the last few times.
  • Momz3 2007/11/01 12:32:16
    You can't be pee shy with three kids .... Why bother even shutting the door ...there going to open it anyway ! : )
  • Sajama Momz3 2007/11/01 15:32:50
  • BearBeaver Momz3 2007/11/01 15:47:16 (edited)
    The ONLY time I get 2 pee alone is at work!
  • The Hand of John 2007/11/01 12:24:27
    The Hand of John
    a little.
  • Lee :) 2007/11/01 12:24:21
    Lee :)
    This poll is so funny (love it mike) :)
    No im not pee shy "It's better out than in thats my motto" lol
    peeing is natural and eveyone does it.There's nothing to be shy of. :)
  • Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2007/11/01 10:55:37
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    No I am not...

    It is me marking my territory...

    What is there to be shy about....

    Besides when you ahve a tool like mine, you don't mind the on lookers....

  • Michael... Ihr Has... 2007/11/01 11:00:32
    Michael, Arrivederci e amore
    lol! How did I know you would say something like that ? Ihr, you are a riot ! However, the" marking my territory" comment caught me totally by surprise.lmao !!
  • Ihr Has... Michael... 2007/11/01 11:18:23
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    Set foot on my territory and it might get peed on!!!
  • Charlize 2007/11/01 10:46:39
    I can not do it, when my boyfriend is nearby, or anyone in a public toilet next to me...hahaha.

    I know this is a poll for the men, right..?
    Could not help myself... had to answer...
  • Michael... Charlize 2007/11/01 10:49:42
    Michael, Arrivederci e amore
    No, it's for everybody. I know women who are embarrassed just by the noise it makes. They can't pee if a woman is in the stall right beside them.

    I picked that picture because I thought it was funny. Make it larger, I really think it's funny :)
  • Charlize Michael... 2007/11/01 10:51:03
    That picture is really funny!! :)
  • Michael... Charlize 2007/11/01 10:54:47
    Michael, Arrivederci e amore
    lmao! I love the women with the tape measurer.

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