Are you an otaku?

Nekosarethebest 2012/08/16 23:32:33
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I will take a potato chip..... AND EAT IT!
- Light Yagami

Otaku (おたく / オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.

I know I am. Maybe I am even a weaboo. I don't use Japanese and talk about Japan all the time though, however I have to admit that I am very obsessed I guess. I really want to be an animator and make my own anime, so I try to think about my future with Japanese culture.

Weaboo/Japanophile (Wiki Definition)

Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and anything Japanese; its opposite is Japanophobia.

Well, can you tell what the picture represents? I sure can. :D

I also totally understand that they aren't positive terms, but I feel that there are way worse things people would say. For example, on Urbandictionary, it says animefags. That silly person... fags are cigarettes. Anyway, that was very rude, but that is what happens when someone has a strong opinion.

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  • Yuki Yamato 2013/03/03 19:56:05
    Heck yeh! :D
    Yuki Yamato
    till I die
  • Radical Ed 2012/08/19 10:13:17
    Heck yeh! :D
    Radical Ed
    gotta be haruhi or lucky star doing a parody.
  • Nekosar... Radical Ed 2012/08/19 12:18:26
    Yay! It is haruhi! :D
  • Black_Rose 2012/08/17 12:47:19
    Heck yeh! :D
  • FullmetalNaruto 2012/08/16 23:43:52
    Heck yeh! :D
    It is Haruhi right?!?
  • Nekosar... Fullmet... 2012/08/17 00:06:20
    Yesh! :3
  • Cloud Nekosar... 2012/08/17 01:48:30 (edited)
    I will answer the question here i don't know am i really otaku since i don't have a huge collection like other otakus and i only have 1 anime dvd,1 teen gohan figure and i think i have a graphic manga or yu yu hakusho but i think of throwing that one away and/or replace it since it's in a bad shape not in a good shape anymore.

    And i own big collection of yugioh cards,a collection of Pokemon cards,same with dual masters and yes i still read and love manga and i still love and watch anime and i own 2 anime games or more and i bet girls and women hate otaku guys and even he is a gamer as well aka otaku gamer and no no I'm not generalizing I'm only guessing at the moment
  • Nekosar... Cloud 2012/08/17 02:44:47 (edited)
    WOOO! We got us an otaku here! ^.^ Well, there is no need for guessing at all. There are so many types of people in the world. There are lots of female gamers, weaboos, otakus, etc. Just gotta find the right places (which is anywhere lol) cosplay

    You think she doesn't like otakus?
  • Cloud Nekosar... 2012/08/17 02:51:30
    At first glance i think not but if i get to know her for who she is and if she is 100-110% honest with me i reconsider and say she does and i say she looked beautiful and yes Rikku is one of my favorite final fantasy girls.

    If you think I'm a perv if i like/love certain final fantasy characters and for males not for the attraction i understand
  • Nekosar... Cloud 2012/08/17 02:58:12
    Well, she might be a model, but there are thousands more like her. Look up some dance covers on youtube for those girl groups you like so much. I can honestly say that there are some cute otaku on youtube. For example, Surimuchan is sooooo attractive to me. And what about japanese girls? Most of them are adorable and i bet a good 50% like anime and video games. Hehe... Well, it's not like being a pervert is a bad thing. I am a top perv and being attracted to both sexes doesn't help. It isn't the interests that is a turn off, it is your negative attitude. There is always someone who is perfect for ya.
  • Cloud Nekosar... 2012/08/17 02:59:52 (edited)
    So you notice I'm a huge final fantasy fan right?

    And don't worry I've joined final fantasy forums already :).
  • Nekosar... Cloud 2012/08/17 03:10:18
    Why would I worry? O.o Yes, you told me that when we first talked. :D
  • Fullmet... Nekosar... 2012/08/17 20:15:05
  • Yoru 2012/08/16 23:36:04 (edited)
    Heck yeh! :D
  • Nekosar... Yoru 2012/08/17 00:11:45

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