Are you a photographic model or would like to be?

FJ 2012/07/17 12:08:09
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  • Mrs. Prince Royce 2012/08/16 04:19:52
    No, but I'd like to be.
    Mrs. Prince Royce
    WHY NOT...rite after i lose the weight..lmao :)
  • ilovechloeandkendall 2012/08/07 02:43:30
    I do it as an amateur.
    i do it every once and a while everyone says its not fun but i love it
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/07/24 09:23:48
    Yeah I am.
    I have the same figure as you. So is that mean I am photographic model(:
  • Rob Williams 2012/07/24 09:14:36
    I do it as an amateur.
    Rob Williams
    I know you mean women but...
  • Anna 2012/07/17 22:29:28
    I do it as an amateur.
    I do it for friends, family, and once professionally. If you snap a random photo of me it looks awful, but when done by someone skilled with a camera I look great. One thing I will say, it's fun to do with friends, okay with family, and extremely boring professionally. I don't understand why so many girls dream of being models. It's not that great. You sit around and get your makeup and hair done, you put on cloths, you sit around waiting for the photographer to get ready, then you stand or sit around posing as they want you to. It's fine to do every now or then on the side, but I'd die of boredom if that was my actual job.
  • FortunaVeritas 2012/07/17 15:40:25
    No, but I'd like to be.
    Might look into it doing some amateur stuff after I lose another 15 pounds.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/07/17 14:46:26
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/17 13:22:03
    No, but I'd like to be.
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    the photographer
  • Lily 2012/07/17 12:58:45
    I do it as an amateur.
    Back in the day, I did. Nothing big but it was fun.
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/07/17 12:55:27
    Yeah I am.
    im not photographic.
    i did runway a few years ago, nothing big.
    never took photos or anything though.
  • No, but I'd like to be.
    ♥♥♥MoDeSta-or just ElBiTa!♥♥♥
    No, i'm not, but i would like to be! :))
  • MandaLynne 2012/07/17 12:08:59
    Yeah I am.
    I was when I was in high school and the first part of college. But that was many years ago.
  • FJ MandaLynne 2012/07/17 12:11:37
    Ever considered continuing?
  • MandaLynne FJ 2012/07/17 12:15:29
    LOL. No. At 49, I believe my modeling days are long over. LOL
  • FJ MandaLynne 2012/07/17 12:17:24
    One never knows ;) ahaha

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