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TheNewBeginning 2012/07/06 02:29:51
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Hell, I'm a violence magnet. ._.
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  • Erica⚓ 2012/07/08 11:38:29
    I always have a controller in my hand ._.
    I'm currently going through the "YEAAHH DIE ZOMBIE BIAATCCH!" phase. Although I really do enjoy other games such as the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series....
  • vetogod 2012/07/06 11:29:27
    I always have a controller in my hand ._.
    warning if your playing mw2 with me and i get a sniper and a grenade launcher you should just beg me to take it easy on you and ohhh yes i love to use my claymores and c4 too lol no where is safe from me lol and in racing games i have two speeds fast and see ya cause i am gone lol

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2016/02/09 13:59:56

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