Are you a car snob?

sarah 2012/09/19 00:00:25
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Recently a friend looking to rent a car that would hold 7 people, the rental car company only had a minivan available, he said he would never drive or be seen in such a vehicle
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  • Bronar 2012/09/19 14:00:49
    Wouldn't matter to me
    I drive Fords, the Fords built that, not the Feds.
  • being me 2012/09/19 02:35:03
    Wouldn't matter to me
    being me
    If it gets me from A to B then it will suit me fine no matter what it is.
  • AM 2012/09/19 01:34:38
  • Sister Jean 2012/09/19 00:24:05
    Wouldn't matter to me
    Sister Jean
    no car

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