Are These Pre-Peeled Bananas the Stupidest Grocery Store Move Ever?

Creamy 2012/09/21 19:00:00
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I didn't think it was possible to be this stupid... but apparently, a grocery store in Germany went there. The store peeled some bananas and then wrapped them up in plastic wrapping. WHY?!?! The banana peel is nature's way of providing your fruit with protection. Le sigh.

banana peel
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  • MyDaydream90 2012/09/22 00:54:45
    No, I think it's brilliant. I hate peeling bananas!
    I'm not that lazy and I wouldn't buy these; however, they did that so that they could sell the bananas that had already begun to turn brown on the outside. That's why some of them have the ends cut off too; they had probably turned brown there as well. It's a way to maximize profits and minimize waste. I suppose people would buy them to use in Smoothies or recipes.

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  • Grammar... Bingo's... 2012/09/24 18:35:21
    Grammar Freak
    Yeah... again, boiled eggs last a hell of a long time in their shell... shell removed, not so long at all.
  • Incognito Bingo's... 2012/09/24 20:35:26
    Born free, cage free, and then killed....
     gay chicken joke gif
  • Bingo's... Incognito 2012/09/24 23:46:34
  • Becca 2012/09/24 13:25:06
  • Incognito Becca 2012/09/24 20:39:03
  • patrona 2012/09/24 12:15:01
    No, I think it's brilliant. I hate peeling bananas!
    I believe these are Green Planters I hate to peel them..
    as they leave your Fingers Stained
    I learned to cut off both stems bring to a boil in water
    much easier to Peel , fried green planters
  • Grammar... patrona 2012/09/24 18:13:31
    Grammar Freak
    Do you mean plantains?
  • patrona Grammar... 2012/09/24 20:10:21
    yes..thank you for the help
  • Grammar... patrona 2012/09/24 20:27:16
    Grammar Freak
    No problem.

    I just figured... since the picture (& your description) seemed more "plantain-like" than "banana-like."

  • patrona Grammar... 2012/09/25 14:32:41
    ..To.. "To Your Health.."..eat Healthy....
  • andrew.micheals.353 2012/09/24 12:13:45
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    People will think of anything to make money. Come on even I can peel my own damn banana.
  • Incognito andrew.... 2012/09/24 20:42:15
  • shadow76 2012/09/24 11:53:27
    It is certainly way up there! You would not believe some of the stupid stuff I have seen!
  • Incognito shadow76 2012/09/24 20:45:51
  • shadow76 Incognito 2012/10/11 13:13:37
    How can you be funny in one picture(slipper joke) and then so stupid the next one?
  • Incognito shadow76 2012/10/11 16:04:10
    Oh please forgive me, shadow76, that you did not enjoy this joke. Afterall, we all know it was just intended soley for your entertainment purposes on SodaHead.
    http://metaldetectingforum.co... BOWING GIF BOWING GIF
  • violeteyz 2012/09/24 11:14:43 (edited)
    Golden angels looming large over cathedrals of stone where Germans worshipped Hitler in full veiw of atrocities committed against innocent people while the smell of burning flesh filled the air.I visited there last summer and was never so happy to get the hell out of a place,peeled bananas be damned.....
  • Grammar... violeteyz 2012/09/24 18:14:45
    Grammar Freak

    Some days I feel like I wanna get the hell outa here too.

    ...but alas, there's work here & friends & & & &...

    but believe me, I do know what you mean.
  • El Prez 2012/09/24 09:45:44
    El Prez
    Too stupid to be justified. Who called forthis? Hopw lazy could you get?
  • john n 2012/09/24 09:02:56
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    john n
    Sadly I expected so much more from the German people. The wall came down and so did the exceptional standard of living.
  • violeteyz john n 2012/09/24 11:01:48
    You "expect so much more from the German people",laughable truly..... expect german peoplelaughable
  • Bingo's... violeteyz 2012/09/24 14:00:11
    Bingo's Faddah
    People with Fascist governments are in no position to throw stones!
  • john n violeteyz 2012/09/25 01:53:49
    john n
    Is this Germany or America 50 years from now?
  • YYCDad 2012/09/24 06:28:52
    HAHA! Weird! Looks like me when I wake up! Can't tell the scale in the picture, but if those are 3 inch long packages, someone broke into my home and took a mould!
  • Kevin1111 2012/09/24 05:17:34
    No, I think it's brilliant. I hate peeling bananas!
    Who cares, let them do what they want. If it sells, its a good idea. If not, they'll stop doing it.
  • lovemykiddos 2012/09/24 03:01:21
    Bananas B A N A N A S that's what this news story is and now I welcome you back to 2003
  • Detective_Alibi_Lawliet 2012/09/24 02:58:02
    Even the 2 to 5 year-olds at the daycare I work at can peel their freaking bananas.
  • Flamingolady 2012/09/24 02:50:55
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    Totally stupid, and such a waste. They will most likely turn black and be inedible in a few hours. Completely ridiculous. This makes this list. stupidest thing ever
  • meagan 2012/09/24 02:39:50
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    thats just weird you could just peel a banna
  • Farbiger 2012/09/24 02:37:08
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    They're gonna get even more bruised.
  • Stevethinks 2012/09/24 02:34:38
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    I Don't believe it.
  • Dyonus 2012/09/24 02:26:12
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    You're paying extra for something that takes you 2 seconds to do and you're getting less.
  • T3rm1n4t0r 2012/09/24 02:22:17
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    The owner of the store must be really dumb at peeling bananas.
  • dede 2012/09/24 02:16:13
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    Who is to lazy to peel their own bannanas. I meen it's not that hard. Only baka(idiots) would sell or buy pre-peeled bananas.
  • Zepland 2012/09/24 01:56:57
    Please! don't peel the banana for me!
    The peel helps keep the banana fresh. And sealed from dust and air born junk.
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2012/09/24 00:59:09
    My GONADS! They ACHE!!
  • blackrings70 2012/09/24 00:05:51
  • NickTheAceBassist 2012/09/23 23:59:33
    Unless you have major arthritis or something I don't really see the point. It would be hard to open the plastic anyway!
  • Awesome Person 2012/09/23 23:37:37
    Yeah, that's pretty darn stupid.
    Awesome Person
    that stoooooooopid
  • Buoyant Leadraft 2012/09/23 23:37:18
    Buoyant Leadraft
    This must be stopped! It looks like male genitalia! As a gay man i find this very distracting while shopping!!!!

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