Are people crazy?

WolfBane 2009/07/26 21:20:05
Hell yeah
No way!
Depends on who you're talking about.
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Are we crazy?
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  • babyfreshman 2009/08/07 20:18:37
    Hell yeah
    everyone is crazy in their way no one is normal
  • Gun665 2009/07/31 18:53:19
    Hell yeah
    Predominantly, yes.
  • WolfBane 2009/07/30 17:25:10
    Hell yeah
    Everyone is crazy in their own way. If no one was a little bit crazt life would be boring.
  • Nick Adams 2009/07/26 22:19:03
    Hell yeah
    Nick Adams
    Think about it we are all trapped on this spinning rock in this ever expanding universe with a million different theory’s on why we exist, The only truth is belief in God and love for my nonexistent dream girl,. Id shoot myself now but then I would miss season 6 of one tree hill.(<:
  • momacita33 2009/07/26 22:11:27
    Hell yeah
    i think everyone has a little crazy in them, some peeps just hide it better
  • SANDY*RANDOM**14 2009/07/26 21:28:51
    Depends on who you're talking about.
    som ppl are
  • tintin 2009/07/26 21:26:56
    Hell yeah
    Absolutely. in they're own way. if you weren't crazy, someone would call you crazy and then that person is crazy for calling that person crazy... and so on and so on. whoa i think im a little crazy.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2009/07/26 21:26:34
    Hell yeah
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Everyone is crazy, just that some are more sane than others.
  • AmericanVirus 2009/07/26 21:25:56
    Hell yeah
    Insane in the membrane
  • tecoma stans 2009/07/26 21:25:48 (edited)
    Hell yeah
    tecoma stans
    I know I can be sometimes XD

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