Are people allowed in your house with shoes on

FATEEN 2011/03/23 22:57:49
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My family and I do not walk around the house with shoes on nor do we allow company to wear their shoes in our home. Do any of you have a shoeless house?
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  • peaceLover 2011/03/27 16:03:06
    no its not allowed ..its safer to keep their shoes outside
    allowed safer shoes no shoes
  • Wendy 2011/03/25 17:38:05
  • seattleman 2011/03/24 01:09:12
    I ask people to take their shoes off. I don't make them - it's not required or anything, but I do request it.

    I lived in Hawai'i for a while, and you always see shoes (or sandles) at the doorstep of every house. It is customary. Japanese culture (if I'm not mistaken), custom is to take shoes off before entering a house. I like it. It's much more relaxing to be shoeless.
  • FATEEN seattleman 2011/03/24 06:07:39
    Your right it's an eastern custom. many asian cultures i.e. 'Arab, Persian, Indian, Asian do this traditionally.

    We get satisfaction knowing that all of the things we step on outside of our homes isn't crawling around in the house as well. It is relaxing.
  • seattleman FATEEN 2011/03/24 22:56:08
    I didn't realize it was customary in so many cultures. I learned something today. Thanx.
  • FATEEN seattleman 2011/03/25 03:52:33
    It's all about keeping impurities outside the home. I often wonder why so many people do not think about this when they come into their homes. I'm so accustomed to removing shoes when entering my own home that I have an overwhelming urge to remove my shoes when entering non-Muslim friends homes. I get a really awkward feeling when I'm in other peoples homes with my shoes on.

    We also pray in our home and we are terribly strict about cleanliness because this is an extreme aspect of our faith inner and outer purity.

    We also remove our shoes while praying and entering the masjid as well.

    Your most welcome. The world is a smaller place and it's great to learn about different customs from different cultures. I like Asian culture a lot, I think it's fascinating.
  • zlazyks 2011/03/23 23:07:02
    yes. I mostly have tile but even in the carpeted rooms I don't mind. Its only carpet and its cleanable and replaceable.
  • FATEEN zlazyks 2011/03/24 06:10:15
    Yeah I understand. We don't allow shoes in the home for several reasons. It's primarily to reduce outside dirt and germs and reduce noise also.
  • Panloker 2011/03/23 23:03:37
    I don't like it but I am willing to make some exceptions like if the company happens to be someone I highly regard and do not get to see too often or what not, but regular visitors I expect them to take their shoes off.
  • FATEEN Panloker 2011/03/24 06:15:46
    People who regularly visit my home know the protocol. Yet I believe that even special guests wouldn't feel awkward complying with your request. I've asked many people who do not normally to remove their shoes and I gave them booties if they preferred.

    They became impressed with how nice our house was and how comfortable and relaxed they where I've had a few tell me they're implementing this practice in their homes also.
  • Sour Dime 2011/03/23 22:58:17
    Sour Dime
    Nope shoes off ;D
  • FATEEN Sour Dime 2011/03/24 06:17:42
    I wonder why people who do keep shoes on in the house think about all of the things they've stepped on throughout the day. Going to the gas station, using a public restroom standing in God knows what. Getting out of the car stepping into some greasy stuff then later that knight walk all around the house.

    I get spooked just thinking about it.

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