Are Left Handed People Smarter?

Deborah 2011/04/05 00:23:26
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Are left-handed people smarter than right-handed people?

"Well, in a way, left-handed people are smarter, and I'll tell you why," Dr. Oz says. "Left-handed people can deal with more incoming information that doesn't come in an organized way." Dr. Oz says this is because of the way the brain develops when a baby is in its mother's womb. "The left brain normally controls your right side, which is really powerful," he says. "[In left-handed people], it allows the other side, the right brain, to become an equal partner."

Because left-handed people can use both sides of their brain more readily, Dr. Oz says, they can process information coming into their brain in different ways more easily. "That's why athletes do so well when they're left-handed. And there are a lot of presidents who have been left-handed, and there are a lot of folks who, because they can deal with a lot of complicated issues at once, work pretty effectively," he says

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  • Usti Waya BN-0 2011/04/05 02:36:48
    Usti Waya BN-0
    Benjamin Franklin was a lefty, so is Clinton, Obama, Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc,Alexander the Great, and many more. One the downside, so was Hitler. I am a southpaw,(left handed) so of course, I am going to agree with your statement of smartness. LOL
    joan arcalexander downside hitler southpawleft handed statement smartness lol left handed

    Another bit of information, animals are left and or right sided too. Having worked with thousands of animals, I find the left sided ones to learn quicker, but the end result is almost the same. They learn the tricks we want them to do.

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  • Wikidnezz ;D 2011/06/16 09:25:27
    Wikidnezz ;D
    I actually think that people that can use BOTH hands are smarter lol
  • Another Lone Wolf 2011/06/15 04:48:20
    Another Lone  Wolf
    hopefully bush wasnt a lefty!
  • . 2011/06/14 10:51:50
  • Carrot Top 2011/06/09 05:14:25
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2011/06/09 01:17:44
    Yes, yes we are. ^^....kidding. xD
  • ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^ 2011/06/08 21:11:54
    ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^
    Yes! I have a couple left-handed ppl in my classes and they get straight A's!! all the rest of us don't do so hot lol.
  • jon 2011/06/08 20:16:48
    Hard to make any statement about that, I think the doc is putting his neck out.
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/06/08 14:37:10
  • Absynthe, Lady of Snakes 2011/06/08 14:21:53
  • bashfulsleepy 2011/06/08 11:58:10
    I am not left-handed. I used to be able to write left-handed cause I started school with a broken arm but I lost the ability. I have a question about Left-handed people. Why do some of you curl your hand around to write? I have a left-handed friend and he does this. I wonder why?
  • BUCCANEER~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/06/08 10:21:20
    So nice of you to think so,I was broken of being left handed at school,consequently,I am now somewhat ambi-dextrous
  • vannuck 2011/06/08 09:25:37
    I think they are equally as smart not smarter....perfect example my sister is Ambidextrous (both left and right handed) but she mostly uses her left hand and I'm a fully right handed person. Eventhough I'll admit shes smarter then me in some subjects shes not as smart as me in others....
  • baboula 2011/05/14 18:42:59
    LEFTIES RULE !!!!!! lefties rule thumbs up
  • xy 2011/05/14 11:30:28
    heh ...just because I am left handed i will say YES! xD lol hehe but ah I think that's nonsense ...it depends and it has nothing to do with hands well at least I think so =)
  • sglmom 2011/05/13 07:59:20
  • yaoifan23 2011/05/12 20:45:47
    im left handed but i dont think im smarter than the next person over
  • Nan yaoifan23 2011/06/08 13:54:08
    Me too and I feel the same way! lol.
  • yaoifan23 Nan 2011/06/08 16:24:48
    i mean its just i write with my left han i dont really think there is a diffrence
  • -xoxo ♥ 2011/05/12 17:18:52
    -xoxo ♥
    yeah buddy! ;) im a lefty!!
  • Skunk " In God We Trust" 2011/05/10 22:43:46
    Skunk  " In God We Trust"
    Left handed people are the only ones in their right minds!
  • Demosthenes 2011/05/10 10:21:07
    They are more creative.
  • betz 2011/05/10 10:18:36 (edited)
    I love knowing I'm in the great company of President Ford, Reagan and Bush (41) Hey maybe I''ll be the next president. :)
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/05/10 08:49:25 (edited)
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Maybe, maybe not.
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/05/10 07:07:51
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    No. I like Dr. Oz but he may be missing the mark on this one. I am right-handed and have a high IQ and am also balance-brained, which means both sides of my brain are pretty equally developed.

    Reading into the article though it does say that it isn't always the dominant HAND that determines these things, as somebody can have a dominant EYE on the opposite side of their dominant hand.
  • Diana 2011/05/09 01:04:35
    I'm a lefty.I don't know about being smarter.
  • al 2011/05/08 21:39:42
    as forever liberal points out a great number of influential people have been/ are left-handed
  • Deborah al 2011/05/08 21:43:24
    Including me!
  • al Deborah 2011/05/09 00:52:49
    i was right-handed but some sort of brain-fart/my script got so bad; i switched to left-handed
  • sharellie 2011/05/08 14:14:47
    No, I know some pretty dumb lefties.
  • carrotcat 2011/05/07 22:56:48
    hooray! I'm a lefty., this news makes me a million times happier.
  • Doc 2011/05/07 19:10:12
    I can write and play guitar with both hands. But I golf Righty and play soccer lefty (footed). I guess that just makes me a nut-job.
  • Ifemi 2011/05/07 16:48:53
    thank you. i like it when call me smart. P.S. i would give you my e-mial if you write that to me once a week.
  • Deborah Ifemi 2011/05/07 17:46:35
    What would we talk about, and why once a week?
  • Ifemi Deborah 2011/05/08 16:52:09
    cause i have very self-esteem and it makes me feel i bit better to think that someone, anyone believe in me and no one knows how bad a parent can hurt their child like mine did me. sorry cring. the things my mother told me as a child a parent should never tell their children ever so when someone says something nice it is like a great big hug from the mother i never had. it is the kind of motherly love i try to give my children and wish i had had but never did
  • Nathanael 2011/05/07 11:59:08
    It is proved that they are better in some things like memory or maths but smart? Who knows..
  • na 2011/05/07 03:45:03
    NOT True at all! (coming from Oprah.com)
  • Fathommyeyes 2011/05/07 02:55:20
    I really can't say. I have lots of lefty friends, but we all seem to be just as equally stupid XD -but then again, they are MY friends...
  • Kris Steitz 2011/05/07 00:51:44
    Kris Steitz
    I've heard that before! I am a righty, and the righty qualities are supposed to include math and logic (I possess neither!), and lefty qualities are creativity and emotional intelligence (I believe I have those two) - so I don't think it is necessarily the WHOLE truth.
  • basketcase<3 2011/05/06 22:28:55
    I dislike this question. My twin sister is a leftie, and she's smarter than me. Pisses me off that she is...
    But I also heard lefties are more creative, but creativity is about the only thing I can beat her at. Other than running. :)
  • Doryuuzu 2011/05/06 21:24:29
    well seen as i'm left handed.
    yes. yes i am.

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