Are labs the best dogs?

borderwolf86 2009/05/07 01:30:56
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labrdor retrivers
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  • flaca BN-0 2009/05/07 02:28:52
    their on of the best
    flaca BN-0
    great dogs but rare to see one in good shape: they get so fat.
  • borderw... flaca BN-0 2009/05/07 02:38:20
    ya thats true but they do like to exerze and stuff
  • hart 2009/05/07 01:39:15
    yes they are the best dogs in the world
    labs are a great dog.
  • babyjazz "In my HEART I trust' 2009/05/07 01:34:37
    their on of the best
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    I prefer mutts from the animal shelter.

    mutts animal shelter
  • borderw... babyjaz... 2009/05/07 01:37:26 (edited)
    i dont really care what dog i get as long as im giving one a good home also thats a really cute pup
  • babyjaz... borderw... 2009/05/07 01:38:11
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    Same here and yeah it is :)
  • borderw... babyjaz... 2009/05/07 01:39:41
    is it your dog
  • babyjaz... borderw... 2009/05/07 01:42:13
    babyjazz "In my HEART I trust'
    Naw just a really cute pic I found.
  • Yep I Did It. So? 2009/05/07 01:33:50
    their on of the best
    Yep I Did It. So?
    I prefer a mixed breed dog. my dog is 3 breeds: german shepherd, rottweiler, and pit bull terrier. She is shaped like a german shepherd, hair texture and length like a rottweiler plus HUGE, and she is brindle. SO beautiful AND got the smarts from all breeds.

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