Anyone else getting a 503 Service unavailable, error message when trying to access the site to Fanfiction.net?!

kurosaki-kun 2010/09/14 07:04:20
I love fanfiction.net. Tried to see what's new to read with my fave fandom and I've come to find out I can't access it. Grrr... Anyone else having trouble also? Any recs to any other site besides Adultfanfiction.net?!
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  • KillerBunnyApplePop!O.o 2010/11/05 03:54:38
    I love fanfiction.net 2!
  • kurosak... KillerB... 2010/11/21 03:43:47
    Hello. Old post, hehee. I love it also. I can't go a day without logging on or checking it out. What do you read? Het, yaoi? Fandom?
  • KillerB... kurosak... 2010/11/21 03:51:56
    Hiiii, Same, any stories, provided I know a little backround on the original and the writer actually knows how to use proper gramma and spell check.

    My favourite genres are Horror, Romance and Angst,

  • kurosak... KillerB... 2010/11/21 04:06:23
    I'm addicted to Bleach (Naruto) yaoi, though sometimes I do read het or straight pairings. Romance,drama, angst also. I see you're a fan of Elric.. from FMA? FMA is on my to watch list anime I tried to watch that last year..don't know what happened. I just have no time anymore.
  • KillerB... kurosak... 2010/11/21 04:19:32
    FMA is awsome as!, Hellsing is also one of my favourites, Ultimate was good, but OVA's animation was primo, but it annoyed me how they translated all OVA eps. up to Num.& into English, because I just can't stand it when you have to read subtitles.

    Naruto's plot is amazing, but I have just for some reason not finished watching it, I only watched 4 eps. though.

    I also like Elfen Lied
    Death Note
    Fruits Basket
    what other ones have you seen?
  • kurosak... KillerB... 2010/11/30 17:32:20
    High School of the Dead
    Lucky Star

    Itazura na Kiss
    Junjou Romantica
    Antique Bakery

    I was supposed to start watching 2 anime already downloaded on my pc, but I ended up doing something else.

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