Anime Clash: Dragon Ball Z vs. One Piece?

Teen Gohan (Cell Games) 2011/05/17 02:39:01
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One Piece!
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So, if you have seen both shows, which of these two do you like better: dbz or one piece

Me, I have to go with dbz! I've loved it for so long and it's always remained #1 for me! As for one piece it's okay. I never really liked it that much
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  • tobias.christoffersson 2011/08/03 16:06:25
    i tell all now i have seen dbz and op but no way any anime wins dbz but some dbz char like kami and krillin and pan and hecule well they are weak but still think and goku instant transmisson could own all op but luffy is robber dont damg much vegito use spirit sword things are over for all well i like bleach dbz and op but i think this anime is the only anime on its own !!! sr but count to that ssj 1 to 4 are there 2 and that fusion are 2 and that brolly could own all off them all in one blast and use his shield to protect him and one omega blast could destroy a whole galaxy so thats that
  • tony 2011/07/06 21:11:15 (edited)
    awesome show! awesome dragon ballz
  • marge 2011/06/22 18:49:18
    Im not saying one piece is worse, i've actually never watched it. But dbz equals my childhood, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    piece ive watched dbz equals childhood trade world dragon ball z opening
  • Fallen The Dark Angel 2011/06/02 20:49:20
    Fallen The Dark Angel
    goku vs luffy really one piece wouldn't stand a chance but i do like the anime alot
  • Running with ✄ 2011/05/17 03:12:46
    Running with ✄
    hands ss2 gohon
  • Teen Go... Running... 2011/05/17 03:17:57
    Teen Gohan (Cell Games)
    Love Gohan!!
    yeah love gohan ssj2 teen gohan
  • Fallen ... Teen Go... 2011/06/02 20:52:16
    Fallen The Dark Angel

    hes pretty kick ass
    pretty kick ass gohan vs broly
  • Teen Go... Fallen ... 2011/06/03 06:10:39
    Teen Gohan (Cell Games)
    Yeah, he was so much better as a kid.

    btw do u know who sings that song in the vid?
  • Fallen ... Teen Go... 2011/06/05 21:39:42
    Fallen The Dark Angel
    Nope just a random video i found, why? And i agree.. and way more bad ass as an adult hes kinda sucky... :\

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