An Italian friend and the Tampa Bay Ray's

Welshtaff 2012/05/29 01:56:46
A long time friend who lives in Northern Italy wrote and asked of he could visit us in Florida. It would be his first time in the United States. I replied with joy yes, it would be good to see him.
The day came when he arrived at Tampa Airport; it was good to see him after so many years.
After settling in and taking it easy for a day to rest up after his long journey, we arranged to take him on a sight seeing tour of the local tourist sights and theme parks which he enjoyed immensely.
The question came up about sports and especially Baseball so I arranged to take him to Tampa to see the Tampa Bay Rays play.
Settling in the seats behind home base, I gave him a brief rundown on the rules of the game.
The game is underway, Tampa Bay is up and Ben Zoberist is at bat, pitcher pitches 4 balls, Ben throws down the bat and walks to first base, my friend is now concerned and ask Why is Ben so mad, he throws down the bat and walks away, I reply “he’s got 4 balls” my friend jumps up from the seat, throws his arms up in the air and shouts as loud as he could “ Walka proud Ben, Walka proud!

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