America's Biggest Houses: Would You Want a Big House?

Degenerated Man 2011/03/18 23:35:52
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The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island
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The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

This Gatsby-esque classic was built in 1893 as the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II. At the time it cost $7 million to build -- $200 million in today's dollars.
  1. The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

    The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

    This Gatsby-esque classic was built in 1893 as the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II. At the time it cost $7 million to build -- $200 million in today's dollars.

  2. Hearst Mansion -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Hearst Mansion -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Hearst Mansion, formerly owned by publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, was the setting for the infamous horse head scene in "The Godfather." It has 29 bedrooms and its own disco. JFK honeymooned here.

  3. Spelling Manor -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Spelling Manor -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Aaron Spelling's 56,000-square-foot Beverly Hills giant is infamous for having 2 rooms entirely dedicated to wrapping gifts. Also among its 123 rooms are an indoor skating rink and bowling alley.

  4. Maison de l'Amitie -- Palm Beach, FL

    Maison de l'Amitie -- Palm Beach, FL

    Donald Trumps sprawling eyesore in Florida clocks in at 80,000 square feet and has a price tag of around $100 million.

  5. Fairfield -- Hamptons, New York

    Fairfield -- Hamptons, New York

    Ira Rennert's Hamptons home is reportedly the largest occupied residential compound in America. It is situated on 63 prime acres and houses 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms.

  6. Fleur de Lys -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Fleur de Lys -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Priced at $125 million, the Fleur de Lys is arguably the most expensive home in the country.

  7. Whitehall -- Palm Beach, FL

    Whitehall -- Palm Beach, FL

    When it was completed in 1902, the New York Herald proclaimed that Whitehall, Henry Flagler's Gilded Age estate in Palm Beach, was "more wonderful than any palace in Europe." Today it is open to the public.

  8. Hearst Castle -- San Simeon, CA

    Hearst Castle -- San Simeon, CA

    William Randolph Hearst's home in central California was built over a period of 30 years and featured 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres of gardens, indoor and outdoor pools, and private zoo.

America's Biggest Houses: Would You Want a Big House?
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Here are 8 of the biggest and most opulent homes in the country.

At the end of the day, do you want a big house or a smaller, cozy house?
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  • crystal 2011/03/20 01:49:25
    all of these are beautiful but i would not want to always live like that cozy is a little more me beautiful live cozy cottage in the woods

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  • David S... TasselLady 2011/03/19 17:04:59
    David Sanchez
    Thanks for making me laugh.
  • blob TasselLady 2011/03/19 17:14:11
    Seriously? Thats like a motorhome...

    I would go crazy in that...I need stables , dressage arenas, kennels, a pool, tennis court etc ...
  • TasselLady blob 2011/03/19 17:21:07
    That wouldn't be so bad either! A trailer with several acres of land to have a stable full of horses!! That's what I would like! trailer acres land stable horses stable of horses
  • blob TasselLady 2011/03/19 17:27:04
    Well everyone has they're own likings...

    But I want a nice Manor / castle in the french perigord, with old stables and a river and a forest :3 ...

    what can I say , I like old stones, I need to feel that generations of people have lived where I live...I dunno , maybe its kuz Im european ,so I love old things hahah generations people lived live dunno kuz european love hahah
  • TasselLady blob 2011/03/19 18:04:40
    Nothing wrong with that!
  • blob TasselLady 2011/03/19 18:10:13
  • medina 2011/03/19 13:31:16
    Yes, make it big
    has space for everything space big houses
  • blob medina 2011/03/19 17:14:41
    Thats really cute
  • ninja medina 2011/03/19 18:44:41
    only if you are rich with a wardrobe the size of china
  • GirlyGirl™ 2011/03/19 13:26:40
    Yes, make it big
    I have a big home by the sea that's cozy and big enough for my huge Italian family. I never want to leave it, so we're keeping it.

    home sea cozy huge italian family leave
  • colino GirlyGirl™ 2011/03/19 18:42:12
    Is that your house in the picture?
  • GirlyGirl™ colino 2011/03/20 12:31:19
    It looks exactly like it, a little bigger, and a little deeper down the bluff.
  • Albannach 2011/03/19 12:51:00
    Yes, make it big
    I like here.
    glamis castle
    Glamis castle, Angus, Scotland.
  • TasselLady Albannach 2011/03/19 14:12:43 (edited)
    Nice Castle!!! Maybe you'll have us over for a big "castle party"!!!!!!!
  • Albannach TasselLady 2011/03/19 15:07:27
    I promise if I ever get the money to buy it I will :)
  • TasselLady Albannach 2011/03/19 15:14:17
    Sounds good to me!!
  • *♥Ashley♥* 2011/03/19 12:38:25
    Yes, make it big
    the bigger the better! lol
  • Nat Turner 2011/03/19 12:32:34
    Nat Turner
    I wouldn't want to clean a big house and I like to clean my own house, so house keepers wouldn't do.
  • ♥ ♥Swagg Rocket♥ ♥ 2011/03/19 12:31:40
    Yes, make it big
    ♥ ♥Swagg Rocket♥ ♥
    Yea! It would make me feel rich!
  • Nudenz 2011/03/19 12:13:58
    A bit ostentatious for my taste, and, I bet the power bills are phenomenal.
  • Feral Phil 2011/03/19 11:39:17
    No, I prefer cozy
    Feral Phil
    Too much cleaning. And i wouldn't want to hire people to clean cause it's weird and i don't want people all over my house.
  • blob Feral Phil 2011/03/19 17:15:45
    Yeah its werid but you get used to it.
  • BackRoadz 2011/03/19 11:31:31
    No, I prefer cozy
    There is nothing about the home's pictured here that makes them look and feel like a home. These kinds of places reflect money and nothing more.
  • Charles 2011/03/19 11:17:13
    Yes, make it big
    Google Tiger Woods' new house!
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2011/03/19 10:35:37
    No, I prefer cozy
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Along with big houses comes big property taxes & costs to keep up. I don't even like mowing my small yard as it is.
  • nuff sed smithyy 2011/03/19 10:25:00
    Yes, make it big
    nuff sed smithyy
    i love big houses because there's so many secrets and passageways and dungeons and mysteries, especially if the house is as old as this one, so you'd discover rooms and new things after years of living there (: .
  • MichaelRigby 2011/03/19 09:41:55
    Yes, make it big
    Yes make it big, secret passeges, dungeons, hidden rooms. Ive wanted to go on an adventure in my own home :)
  • Dickens 2011/03/19 09:08:51 (edited)
    No, I prefer cozy
    There's just something about heating a lot of space I don't use that seems SO wasteful. I bought the smallest house I could find at the time and it's 1400 s.f., far more space than I need. I do like having 3 acres, though.
  • Деян 2011/03/19 08:51:58
  • rosesvengeance BN-0 2011/03/19 08:27:03
    No, I prefer cozy
    rosesvengeance BN-0
    No need to have so many extra rooms. I would just want a big enough home to be able to throw a decent sized party. It doesn't need to be huge. The only way I might consider owning a home that was as big as those pictured is if i was rich enough to have maids, cooks, etc. Even then I don't think i would want more than a 4 bedroom house. 2 spare rooms is enough, and a nice large living area for company. A nice large pool and hot tube would be cool too.
  • Doc 2011/03/19 08:17:29
    No, I prefer cozy
    I once owned a large house (not anywhere near as large as these) and I found that the bigger the house, the more useless crap you accumulate in order to fill the voids. Never again. At 65, a nice two bedroom place is more than adequate.
  • Prashant 2011/03/19 07:31:23
    Yes, make it big
    i love big house........
  • Paul 2011/03/19 06:54:15
    No, I prefer cozy
    Plus if I had that much money to buy a house like that I'd give it to charity or something.
  • Arty 2011/03/19 06:21:29
    No, I prefer cozy
    too big is too big
  • Thea 2011/03/19 06:00:15
    Yes, make it big
    But my yardstick for big maxes out at about 10k sq ft, 3500 is ideal.
  • painted desert 2011/03/19 05:56:17
    painted desert
    I think I would rather have a cozy comfortable home. But these are just beautiful places. I have seen the Newport, Rhode Island homes, they are just incredible. I have always wanted to see Hearth's Castle.
  • GaPch 2011/03/19 05:49:24
    Well, compare to that house, is 2000 sq ft cozy or completely minuscule?
  • GaPch GaPch 2011/03/19 05:51:29
    And besides the initial cost to build one...there are heat and AC PLUS TAXES to consider.
  • jay jones 2011/03/19 05:17:21
    No, I prefer cozy
    jay jones
    I think big houses are nice to look at, I don't want one myself, Thats just more you have to heat and cool,
  • Dickens jay jones 2011/03/19 09:13:27
    ...and clean.

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