America's Biggest Houses: Would You Want a Big House?

Degenerated Man 2011/03/18 23:35:52
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The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island
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The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

This Gatsby-esque classic was built in 1893 as the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II. At the time it cost $7 million to build -- $200 million in today's dollars.
  1. The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

    The Breakers -- Newport, Rhode Island

    This Gatsby-esque classic was built in 1893 as the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II. At the time it cost $7 million to build -- $200 million in today's dollars.

  2. Hearst Mansion -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Hearst Mansion -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Hearst Mansion, formerly owned by publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, was the setting for the infamous horse head scene in "The Godfather." It has 29 bedrooms and its own disco. JFK honeymooned here.

  3. Spelling Manor -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Spelling Manor -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Aaron Spelling's 56,000-square-foot Beverly Hills giant is infamous for having 2 rooms entirely dedicated to wrapping gifts. Also among its 123 rooms are an indoor skating rink and bowling alley.

  4. Maison de l'Amitie -- Palm Beach, FL

    Maison de l'Amitie -- Palm Beach, FL

    Donald Trumps sprawling eyesore in Florida clocks in at 80,000 square feet and has a price tag of around $100 million.

  5. Fairfield -- Hamptons, New York

    Fairfield -- Hamptons, New York

    Ira Rennert's Hamptons home is reportedly the largest occupied residential compound in America. It is situated on 63 prime acres and houses 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms.

  6. Fleur de Lys -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Fleur de Lys -- Beverly Hills, CA

    Priced at $125 million, the Fleur de Lys is arguably the most expensive home in the country.

  7. Whitehall -- Palm Beach, FL

    Whitehall -- Palm Beach, FL

    When it was completed in 1902, the New York Herald proclaimed that Whitehall, Henry Flagler's Gilded Age estate in Palm Beach, was "more wonderful than any palace in Europe." Today it is open to the public.

  8. Hearst Castle -- San Simeon, CA

    Hearst Castle -- San Simeon, CA

    William Randolph Hearst's home in central California was built over a period of 30 years and featured 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres of gardens, indoor and outdoor pools, and private zoo.

America's Biggest Houses: Would You Want a Big House?
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Here are 8 of the biggest and most opulent homes in the country.

At the end of the day, do you want a big house or a smaller, cozy house?
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  • crystal 2011/03/20 01:49:25
    all of these are beautiful but i would not want to always live like that cozy is a little more me beautiful live cozy cottage in the woods

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  • Exclusive 2012/05/12 02:19:48
    Yes, make it big
    So I can get lost in my thoughts..
  • Milodic_Mellodi 2011/05/08 03:51:03
    No, I prefer cozy
    1) do not want to waste millions of dollars on a house and its taxes
    2) hate big houses, though i don't want an apartment either...
    and 3) don't do spring cleaning!
  • schjaz 2011/05/07 15:30:51
    No, I prefer cozy
    Better have a big staff to maintain it if you are going big.
  • JohnCarrillo 2011/05/04 19:40:11
  • tanit 2011/05/01 07:54:00
    No, I prefer cozy
    I DON'T LIKE BIG HOUSES, what if i get scared and creeped out??
  • ParaBoxerX 2011/04/29 18:33:52
    No, I prefer cozy
    I prefer cozy homes over small or big if that was the only option I was limited to.However if I had the option, I would want a house that is both big and cozy.
  • PeeDonkeyPit 2011/04/28 19:15:35
    Need something small enough to keep clean... Currently struggling.
  • 80880 2011/04/26 10:58:13
    No, I prefer cozy
    A modest size house with plenty of land.
  • Juggalette4Life 2011/04/23 05:24:22
    if tha fam waz big
  • 80880 Juggale... 2011/04/26 10:59:47
    Interesting phonetic spelling.
    Even wrote 'tha' instead of 'the'.
    Who needs grammar and spelling, hey?
  • 80880 80880 2011/04/26 11:00:03
    Sorry. Each to their own.
  • Glen 2011/04/19 20:56:09
    Yes, make it big
    As long as someone else can pay for it and either clean it or hire someone to do it.
  • Cora 2011/04/19 18:42:27
    No, I prefer cozy
    Even if I had all that money. I wouldn't change my home except for 2 things.
  • Maxi_lii 2011/04/16 13:23:37
    No, I prefer cozy
    I had fear me not recover in the house. O_o
  • Beaner(: 2011/04/15 02:53:59
  • Chi~Cat 2011/04/15 01:16:51 (edited)
    No, I prefer cozy
    Totally cozy and easy to maintain so I can do things I like. However, if it were huge and since I love to skate...naw, I'd still have cozy and skate or bike ride along the water. Naw, I prefer high rise city living with a kick ass balcony. 50th floor. Shew...yeah. exactly. Nice for me but others that I know have a fear of heights which I never knew. I love it! A nice big house is always a pleasure to visit but not for me.
  • . 2011/04/13 03:51:33
  • CatchingFear 2011/04/11 14:39:59
    Wow. My friends always thought my house was big.. But compared to those.. Yeah. I feel a little small now.
    Lol no I don't know to be honest. A big house would be lovely, but honestly? I'd get lost. And paying all that money per month for a house that I'd probably only use half of.. There's no point is there?
    I really like the idea of a cosy place too, just quaint and sweet... But that's the romantic in me speaking up ^-^ <3
  • Jaaaade. 2011/04/11 14:18:35
    Depends how big and who I would be living with really :)
  • BigTimeSynesthete 2011/04/10 22:31:33
    No, I prefer cozy
    And I prefer to be ecological. I would only pay extra for a house if it is an especially energy efficient home with a solar panel on top. Seriously, unless someone has a huge family, I really do not understand humanity's greed for more/bigger things.
  • BigTime... BigTime... 2011/04/10 22:32:59
    Oh and I forgot to add, some people may use their houses as business centers, so that too makes sense. I personally would not take that risk myself, if any of my customers knew where I lived.
  • onetruvet 2011/04/07 04:11:22
    No, I prefer cozy
    Huge houses are a waste of space, would take years to clean from top to bottom and create reasons for people to pry into your privacy. Big houses are only good for business ventures such as hotels or vacation property to make money. If you dont need it, then there is no point in having it.
  • GabyTheTabby 2011/04/05 22:20:27
    Yes, make it big
  • DanielBruski 2011/04/03 23:58:37
    Yes, make it big
    I would definitely want a large home. My preferred "dream home" would be around 50-90,000 square feet. It would be made out of brick or built as a log home. The largest log home in the country...
  • Chi~Cat DanielB... 2011/04/15 01:22:40
    Start chopping! Whew....that's a lot of wood! Lol
  • Cora DanielB... 2011/04/19 18:44:38
    You're talking about a Castle now, w/maids and servant's in tow. more power to you.
  • Joyce Tutt 2011/04/02 04:58:53
    No, I prefer cozy
    Joyce Tutt
    I prefer cozy that's just too BIG who needs all of that just give me a nice & cozy house with a nice size yard!
  • Cora Joyce Tutt 2011/04/19 18:45:30
    I agree who need's all that headache. COZY!
  • Shadow 2011/04/01 15:21:50
    Yes, make it big
    i would like a big home...but not this big...but one with a beautiful big mahogany staircase...
    home beautiful mahogany staircase
    but not THIS big!
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/01 01:21:05
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I dont necessarily need a big house but it sure does have to be roomy so i can lay on the floor and read my cheesy next to me
  • Taylor 2011/03/30 20:33:24
    Yes, make it big
    Hell yah!
  • TL 2011/03/30 19:56:29
    Yes, make it big
    I really like big houses if I could afford it I would have one....then I would make each room cozy! :-)
  • KeviBotha 2011/03/30 13:56:12
    No, I prefer cozy
    but not too small
  • kayla 2011/03/30 06:41:09
    No, I prefer cozy
    big houses r cool, but im afraid i would get lost, i like it close together so i dnt have 2 wak far
  • Taylor kayla 2011/03/30 20:32:43
    Ask for a map. Lol
  • dezzie_... Taylor 2011/04/01 21:27:25
    i would have no choice BUT to ask for a map lol
  • Chi~Cat dezzie_... 2011/04/15 01:25:22
    Pair of blades
  • MichelleLeitstein 2011/03/29 17:31:12
    I don't want an overly large house, because i'm a very paranoid person, but a nice house with 4-5 bedrooms and a couple of extra rooms for office space, a movie room, a gym, a library, an indoor pool... etc would be nice.
  • nverumind 2011/03/28 23:28:55
    Yes, make it big
    The only reason i would Love and could Use a big house is I am an extreme pushover for homeless children and animals..so i would probably use it to fill it with love and oppurtunity for those with less oppurtunity than myself
  • BigTime... nverumind 2011/04/10 22:33:58
    yes, excellent answer :)
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