Al Qaeda or American Soldiers?

concerned dude 2011/08/29 13:18:40
I Side with this business
I'm a Terrorist and Member of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood
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This sign was prominently displayed in front of a business in North Dakota. If you’re like me, you’re probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory sign.
However, we are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps one of our greatest liberties.

After all, it is only a sign, right?

You may ask: "What kind of business would dare post such a sign?"
Answer: A Funeral Home!

Who said morticians had no sense of humor?
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  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2012/01/11 05:02:53
    I Side with this business
    The more of THAT business, the BETTER!
  • dlsofsetx 2011/09/30 00:40:02
    I Side with this business
    Obi-wan Kenobi was right,things all depend on your point of view.I like this mortician's,if I lived in North Dakota,I'd pre-plan my funeral with them.
  • lr 2011/08/30 23:39:13
    I Side with this business
    I believe that American Business should have the right to do business with anyone thay wish as long as:
    1) The business is a legal law abiding business
    2) The business is receiving NO FEDERAL FUNDING OF ANY KIND

    That being said, I would also like to point out that I believe that as a consumer, All Americans have the right to chose who they do business with.

    I would not be willing to spend even a penny in a place that promoted this kind of hatred for our American Service Men and Women.
  • lr lr 2011/08/30 23:43:07
    Opps.. I missed the part about it being a FUNERAL HOME... Jokes on me... In this case, ignore my comment about not being willing to do business with them, I think I would be referring as many AL Qaeda as possible to them...
  • ELLIE 2011/08/30 07:29:49
    It would be alright if the business was an undertaker who specializes in muslim burials.At least they could move to Afghanistan and ply their trade there.
  • JohnFitzgeral12 2011/08/29 18:51:59 (edited)
    I side with freedom of expression.
  • teigan JohnFit... 2011/08/29 23:16:54
    How can you side with freedom of expression and at the same time hope they lose a ton of business for expressing themselves. That doesn't make sense.
  • JohnFit... teigan 2011/08/30 00:52:53 (edited)
  • teigan JohnFit... 2011/08/30 01:13:21
    That's too bad, I would rather see them bury 1000 terrorists than 1 soldier. Would you rather bury soldiers?
  • holly go lightly 2011/08/29 17:32:54
    I Side with this business
    holly go lightly
    I suspected it would be a one time purchase experience.
  • BackRoadz 2011/08/29 17:30:07 (edited)
    What better place to put more terrorists than in the ground?
  • Islamo Punk 2011/08/29 17:28:58
    Islamo Punk
    Al Qaeda is American Made.
  • Jordache 2011/08/29 17:20:16
    Soldier. I'd give anything he/she wanted to them for free.
  • lucythetooth 2011/08/29 17:14:03
    I Side with this business
    That's a good one. I like it.
  • snowleopardking 2011/08/29 16:50:09
    I Side with this business
    You got to love a person with a sense of humor.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/08/29 16:26:46
    I Side with this business
    The Winter Sodahead
    that's actually really funny
  • Wahvlvke 2011/08/29 16:00:38
    I Side with this business
    In spite of first impressions ... this sign is good for business.
  • BoomLover 2011/08/29 15:09:13
    I Side with this business
    I like it!
  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2011/08/29 14:01:49
    I Side with this business
    Demonic Rat Hunter
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2011/08/29 14:00:51
    I Side with this business
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Was readying to rip a "new one", then read the whole post. lol
  • Boris Badinov 2011/08/29 13:35:31
    I Side with this business
    Boris Badinov
    Freedom can be kinda' cool!

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