Hannah 2009/08/16 02:29:30
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  • Jack 2009/11/02 22:14:32
    just type below..
  • Hannah Jack 2010/01/27 18:43:05
    thats a good one :D
  • cookie 2009/10/25 19:38:34
    just type below..
    i hate it i hate people who do it
  • Hannah cookie 2010/01/27 18:41:44
    me too.
  • fucksodahead 2009/08/25 21:19:10
  • Hannah fucksod... 2009/08/27 02:28:38
    wth is that supposed to meeeeaannn ?!
  • Sabrina~in my friends I trust~ 2009/08/20 18:38:52
    just type below..
    Sabrina~in my friends I trust~
    Well, its not wrong i mean when a girl has a baby to yung mabey she should do it its thair choice
  • Hannah Sabrina... 2009/08/21 00:55:53
    well you could have it nnd have someone adopt it. ?
  • Sabrina... Hannah 2009/08/21 18:39:41
    Sabrina~in my friends I trust~
    that would work
  • Hannah Sabrina... 2009/08/21 23:34:48
    yeahh so why would you abort it murder is murder is murder is murder.
  • outofth... Hannah 2009/10/24 08:26:05
    That's not true. The whole story is much more complex than that. Oh, and how many unwanted babies will you adopt today?
  • Miss Sarah. 2009/08/16 02:37:09
    just type below..
    Miss Sarah.
    I honestly don't have a problem with it, It's a woman's decision to make and not anyone elses.
  • Hannah Miss Sa... 2009/08/16 21:46:07
    its just like you are murdering someone!! baby's are so innocent..
  • Miss Sa... Hannah 2009/08/17 08:34:25
    Miss Sarah.
    It's not born yet though...Well at least that's the way I look at it.
  • Hannah Miss Sa... 2009/08/17 18:41:44
    its still a baby nnd you know that it is one.
  • outofth... Hannah 2009/10/24 08:28:11
    Actually it's a fetus, and that's besides the point.
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2009/08/16 02:32:22
    just type below..
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
  • Hannah XSummer... 2009/08/16 02:36:03
    thank you atleast twwwoo people whoagree withh me ... out of three:D
  • outofth... XSummer... 2009/10/24 08:27:15
    That's just wrong. Get raped, fall pregnant and then tell me you're pro-life.
  • XSummer... outofth... 2009/10/26 19:13:13
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    See even if i was raped and got pregnant id still keep the baby cuz its not the baby's fault
  • outofth... XSummer... 2009/10/26 19:15:10 (edited)
    Yes, but that's your choice. Let other women have theirs.

    If I was raped, I could never survive giving birth to the child. The situation would be miserable. Also, you can't really say that unless you were in that position. Rape can be very traumatizing and painful.
  • *Bella*_HU 2009/08/16 02:32:18 (edited)
    just type below..
    i could never. just living my life knowing that i killed a life. there is no way. if i had a baby at a young where i couldn't support the baby, i would give it up for adoption to a family that can't have a baby and that i think will take great care of my child. or maybe keep it. but i doubt it. but when i get older i would love to have a family!
    only time i think it is ok is when u are raped, but if u were raped then u can go to the hospital and they can clean u out. so that u dont have a baby. which i think that is the smart thing to do.
  • manda~supermommy!!! 2009/08/16 02:31:49
    just type below..
    It's a choice that should be left to the woman faced with the decision.

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