A year ago today....

lorenab. 2012/08/05 17:43:31
even though people probably wont read this... here goes!!:D haha

a year ago today i got assigned to a new seat in school. it was nothing unuaual except that this time i was seated in between two really hot guys. little did i know they were actually best friends. the one to my right i had had a crush on the year before and he was like everything i wanted, then the guy to my right was okay... but i wasnt really that into him.

So i expected this to be a prettty boring class. but then the guy on the left started talking to me and i was like okay well at least i'll get to talk!:) haha and then we started to be really good friends and we got really close... you know more than friends!:) but not official. and we would all talk to eachother the whole class time. it was nice and i always had a ggood time and laughed! so then i started dating the guy on the left. and just in case you forgot he was the bestfriend of the guy on the right who was "the perfect guy". so we were dating and we were like all over eachother even in front of the right guy... i know... terrible:D haha but then right before Christmas break he cheated on me and we broke up. so i cried all through christmas break and "the perfect guy" was always there for me. he came over to my house he called me he texted me and made sure i was okay. it was really sweet and it made everything a whole lot better! he even came over on christmas day!! so then the guys werent best friends any more. so then "the perfect guy" and i started talking and we got really close and then we started dating. and we've been dating ever since!:)

so i just wrote all that just to say that is where it all began and that things do turn out!:D and i just wanted to show where we started... so heres to you baby for stickin through all the bull shit!!:D i love you!:)
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  • MadWorld 2012/08/05 17:53:39
    i think u have problem with ur right and left ?
    u say the right and u mean the left
    .... anyways enjoy :)

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