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My name's Hannah, you can call me Hannah. I love Harry Potter! The death eaters are way more fun though. Bellatrix is my fav death eater, along with Snape, but he's not really a death eater. I know it's weird but I think Snape is extrodinarily sexy! I cried at the last movie, I'm crushed that it's over! death eater weird snape extrodinarily sexy cried movie crushed snape holding lily
This part just killed me!
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  • **weaselbee::StarkidJay* 2011/08/20 01:50:07
    I cried a lot at the parts with Snape in it. I didn't think I was because Snape wasn't really one of my favorite characters until REALLY recently!
  • maxlaboy 2011/08/15 23:50:32
    if you did not cry at the last movie you are not a true fan :-)
  • Ms. Bella Black 2011/08/15 23:29:03
    Ms. Bella Black
    Yeah! Another Bellatrix fan!! Also, I find Snape to be very attractive. However, I'm not really a fan of Snape/Lily. I mean, c'mon, he kinda was a jerk after all. (But I still like him...complicated relationship really)
  • Lovelyb... Ms. Bel... 2011/08/16 01:10:41
    He didin't mean to be a jerk, he just didn't know anything different. James was equally as jerky. I'm expecting a Snape poster in the mail.
  • Ms. Bel... Lovelyb... 2011/08/16 01:12:49
    Ms. Bella Black
    Yeah, well Snape was still pretty much a jerk to Harry the whole series. I should probably drop this before I launch into some really long circling rant on it. But yeah, James was a jerk to Snape as well. And cool!
  • Lovelyb... Ms. Bel... 2011/08/16 01:17:07
    Let us stay on the grounds that Bellatrix is simply amazing.
  • Ms. Bel... Lovelyb... 2011/08/16 01:22:34
    Ms. Bella Black
  • Shadowhunter<3 2011/08/15 00:55:01
    Oh me too!! But.. I see that your house is clear... join me in... Slytherin!!! house clear join slytherin Slytherin so you can be with snape.... if he hadn't died... oops house clear join slytherin snape died oops snape as head of slytherin
  • Lovelyb... Shadowh... 2011/08/15 00:56:51
    I shall join you! Yay Slytherin!
  • Shadowh... Lovelyb... 2011/08/15 00:57:56
    All Hail lol ;)
  • Lovelybadone 2011/08/15 00:15:12
    Oh, so I'm Slytherin, hands down