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Rebel Love Story
September 29th, 2010 9:12 pm
Jordan Blackwood: Hey. Liking our new forum here!
Desiree Taylor Vier: Hi there. So how did that game turn out?
Jordan Blackwood: Sorry, I can't remember. Probably won, don't mean to sound boast-worthy but my team is good. I pitch for us and play first base.
Desiree Taylor Vier: You're goin' to hell! Just kidding haha.
Jordan Blackwood: Then you're coming with me! If I did go to hell, Satan should let me have at least one pleasure.
Desiree Taylor Vier: You're darling, honey.
Jordan Blackwood: I wish I could meet you. We'd have such fun together; we do on here.
Desiree Taylor Vier: You never know what the future holds.
Jordan Blackwood: Yeah, that's true.
October 1st, 2010 6:13 pm
Jordan Blackwood: Boo! It's almost Halloween.
Desiree Taylor Vier: You so scared me (sarcasm). What's up babe?
Jordan Blackwood: Nothing; sitting, staring at the ceiling.
Desiree Taylor Vier: Supa' fun haha. I'm just listening to songs involving Day of the Dead songs; alternative rock style.
Jordan Blackwood: sounds great. Are you trick-or-treating?
Desiree Taylor Vier: I know I am in seventh grade, but I wish I could. Classmates of mine are going, but I don't really have many friends to be honest. *pouts*
Jordan Blackwood: yeah I don't have too many either; so sympathy for you, but I'm your friend.
Desiree Taylor Vier: *kisses* you are a saint.
Jordan Blackwood: Curiously asking, do you have any pieces? I have snakebites.
Desiree Taylor Vier: Love those ones, and just ears. The normal kind!
Jordan Blackwood: 'kay. So how are you doing this evening?
Desiree Taylor Vier: Such a gentleman. Doing swell I guess, yourself?
Jordan Blackwood: same. I love to message you, but don't know what to reply. bye, Dez-dez! Tomorrow?
Desiree Taylor Vier: We'll see; hehe.
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