A Christmas Story from Uncle Farns.........

Farnsworth 2011/12/24 13:09:35
I was entertained
I find nothing funny
I only care about myself and my Obama catnip toy
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fmanOnce upon a time MANY years a ago Santa was having a terrible Christmas.
As he sat by the fireplace drinking, he began to review his year.

Elves were on strike because of collective bargaining, outsourcing to China and the lead elves had fled the state...so no negotiations

Mrs. Clause couldn't wait on Mr. Clause to finish his deliveries, so she left for Hawaii EARLY ...... Santa was getting concerned that her security guard had an eye for Mrs. Clause.

His business of making toys had run into a regulation, tax and healthcare issue. While he was non profit, because of the burden of local government, he would in fact be paying out of pocket by next Christmas

Yes, the more Santa thought about his problems, the more depressed he got and the more depressed he got, the more he drank.

After several hours of this and considering giving up Christmas altogether, there was a small knock on his front door. "Who the HELL could that be" Santa said has he staggered to the door. He flung open the door crying "WHAT"?

There, on his porch was the tiniest most beautiful radiant angel he'd ever seen, dragging a pine tree behind her.
"Oh Santa, we angles have bee watching you from heaven and we are sooooo sorry for your problems. So we got together and found the most perfect tree in all the world, in hopes it will renew your deflated spirit."

Santa stared at the angel through his drunken rage for many moments of awkward silence, complementing this "gift" when the angel broke the uncomfortable silence with a question.

"Well, Santa...where would you like me to put it???"

And that is how the angel came to sit on top of the Christmas tree

Once again, Merry Christmas to all my Soda Friends.
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  • templer003 2011/12/24 14:31:08
    I only care about myself and my Obama catnip toy
    This is sooo abusive to angles in general and to females in particular, I am sure that people will read this and then believe that it is ok to go out and abuse other angles, we must get a comity together and study the implications of this, get some government funding, to see how it affect the angles self esteem and moral, and I am sure we are going to have to have a bill wrote by outside sources and then pass it so we can know what is in it to help these poor abused creatures. Unless we find that they are Christians, then we do nothing..

    Lmao Franz it is a great post, Merry Christmas my friend :)

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