49 Killed in Buffalo N.Y. Plane Crash.....

URGENT: Fire officials confirm there are no survivors of a Continental Airlines plane crash, carrying 44 passengers, 4 crew members, into a home in suburban Buffalo.

Clarence Center Plane Crash

Plane Crash Continental Flight 3407 BUFFALO N.Y.




Plane Crashes Into Home in Buffalo, N.Y.; At Least 48 Killed
Friday, February 13, 2009

BREAKING NEWS — An emergency director says there have been "multiple fatalities" after a Continental Express plane with 48 people aboard crashed into a suburban Buffalo home and erupted in flames.

Fire officials say there were no survivors. The FAA reported 44 passengers and 4 crew members were on the plane. There was one unconfirmed death on the ground.

The Buffalo News reports 49 were killed in the crash which was reportedly caused by heavy rain and sleet in the area.

State Trooper John Manthey says the plane hit a house about 20 miles northeast of Buffalo around 10:10 p.m. Thursday.

Flames erupted from remnants of the house and aircraft as firefighters sought to control the blaze.

Authorities say Continental Airlines Flight 3407 was operated by Manassas, Virginia-based Colgan Air. It was en route from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo.

The plane is a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.

Continental Airlines Inc. and the Federal Aviation Administration have not immediately returned telephone calls.

Additional coverage from FOX 8 Cleveland

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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  • MJ 2009/02/14 23:54:04
    What about the FAA and Airport Management doing their job given known and reported weather conditions, and closing the airport and diverting flights to other airports? 50 people died needlessly due to their failing to perform there jobs! This is a tragedy of incompetence.

    Sad at the unnecessary loss of life, and sad for the victims' family, friends and loved ones!
  • Gail-Saved "In God I Trust" 2009/02/14 16:26:33
    Gail-Saved "In God I Trust"
    I have been praying for the families since I heard about this.

  • BatCountry 2009/02/13 23:48:39
    Another tragedy... so sad.
  • summer ♥ † John 3:16 † ♥ 2009/02/13 22:35:03 (edited)
    summer ♥ † John 3:16 † ♥
    how devastating... prayers are being sent to their families and love ones... ♥

    devastating prayers families love
  • moomoof 2009/02/13 17:28:48
    well i just saw this

    its shows you when your time is up its up poor people
  • prinzessin 2009/02/13 16:38:48
    My heart sinks whenever I hear that a plane went down. When I hear the words "This is not a rescue operation." my heart goes out to the relatives and I pray God give them the strength to get through this.
  • Sitting on a Pale Horse 2009/02/13 14:35:22
  • 1001084 2009/02/13 10:49:17
    I just read this,,,, How tragic....
    healing prayers Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2009/02/13 10:45:57
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    I heard this news early this morning.. SAD!! heard news sad
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2009/02/13 09:15:18
    This is so sad, I will add their families to my prayers. sad add families prayers
  • dico 2009/02/13 08:02:30
    this is so tragic.. my God rest the souls of the departed and comfort the souls of the families left behind tragic god rest souls departed comfort souls families
  • NZArkie08: In God We Trust. 2009/02/13 07:12:27
    NZArkie08:  In God We Trust.
    That is so sad, and tragic. They and all of their families will be in my prayers. sad tragic families prayers
  • NPC 2009/02/13 07:11:41
    The plane crashed only 1 mile from the runway landing. Sounds like inclement weather combined with pilot error to me !
  • prinzessin NPC 2009/02/13 16:42:25
    5 minutes from landing, sleet & ice in Buffalo temperatures...unlikely the pilot had any control at that point. I buy insurance when I fly and pray on takeoff and descent.
  • Gwama- Patriot † In God We... 2009/02/13 06:46:13 (edited)
    Gwama- Patriot  † In God We Trust †
    I heard...sad.May God rest their souls.. heard sad god rest souls Amen...
  • Souther... Gwama- ... 2009/02/13 06:55:19
    Yes I agree
  • Gwama- ... Souther... 2009/02/13 07:00:25
    Gwama- Patriot  † In God We Trust †
    yes..and they still don't know how many people in the home..I guess this time the tragedy could not be averted..They are in Gods loving arms now..God Bless them..
  • NPC Gwama- ... 2009/02/13 07:14:45
    No rescue mission here. All were lost on impact. Too much fuel in the aircraft for anyone to survive this one. We are just too lucky that these air crashes do not happen more frequently !
  • Gwama- ... NPC 2009/02/13 07:17:28
    Gwama- Patriot  † In God We Trust †
    do they have a total count yet for the people in that house that was hit?
  • NPC Gwama- ... 2009/02/13 07:21:57
    Looks like at least 1 was killed on the ground ? The fire is still burning because of all the jet fuel. What a horror in 30 degree freezing rain.

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