36 true facts about me.

Tytto'cCaqeePypo<3 2011/10/25 17:13:20
1. I love music. Its my lifee.
2. I have many friends, but I only trust a few.
3. I mess up a lot of my life, but always get through it.
4. My favorite colors are blue, purple, red, and pink.
5. I would give up with life just to make sure my friends are happy.
6. I would rather my friends be happy than me.
7. My first love was Austin Rood.
8. I cut myself.
9. I am bisexual.
10. I love watching WWE
11. I am a sweetheart, but can be a bitch.
12. I am a country girl at heart, but live in the city.
13. My home life is bad, but I have no way yo change it.
14. I cry myself to sleep like every night.
15. I've tried to chock myself many times before.
16. I am failing Science XD
17. Summer 2010 is a summer I will never forget.
20. If I had the choice to live or die at the moment I would die.
21. There is really only one person who is stopping me from killing myself.
22. My mom has changed so much after she got with her new boyfriend.
23. I rather be left alone than talk to anyone.
24. I had sex when I was 13. BIGGEST mistake of my lifee!!
25. I always have to have a bracelet necklace, or ring on.
26. If I could go back in time I wouldn't change anything because everything has brought me closer to my friends.
27. Freshman homecoming was the most amazing night of my life.
29. The smile I put on my face every morning is fake.
30. The smile on my face normally doesn't last all day
31. I act like everything people say about me doesn't bug me, but inside I just want to kill them
32. I have never been in a fist fight, but I almost have been many of times.
33. My favorite TV show is "The secret life of the American Teenager".
34. My favorite movie is all of the twilights that are out.
35. I am in love with Country music!
36. Not the last thing about me, but the last I am going to put. I hate my life </3
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