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I'm a pretty eclectic chick, and like most everything, and everyone ~

I have a huge respect and high tolerance level for most things in life, except stress and bullshit, screaming women, MOST men, some small children, and math, all of which I'm allergic to ~

I tend ta see both sides of the coin, and for the most part, that's a good thing, but it sometimes causes me grief on major levels... I try to have a 'B positive' outlook on life, which, coincidently, happens to be my bloodtype as well, so, hmmm... must run thru my veins huh ?

I'm pretty quick witted, although sometimes slightly cracked, and laugh at myself every chance I get, just for the sake of humility, but sometimes I get carried away and need a good smack upside the head just ta get me back on track ~

Never married, but came close once or twice ~ Not adverse to it, by any means, mind you, as long term relationships seem to be no problem ~

All 28 of my neices, nephews, and great nei / phews, through 9 brothers and sisters, acquired through the divorce and re-marriage of my parents, will tell you I LOVE KIDS ~ I have none of my own though ( not by choice, that's just the way things worked out, so far anyway ) ~

Who knows, it could still happen, and I'd be O.K with that too ;0 ) ~ smiles, an'jus'sayin' ~

So, I'm the auntie that teaches 'em how ta shoot guns, and ride motorcycles, teach the boys how to cook, and the girls how ta be firefighters ~ We spit, and swear, and all that good stuff accordingly, and in good 'age appropriate' time, and we ALL live for, and love the great outdoors ~

Not much on fancy stuff, or girlie stuff either, although I DO have the occasional girlie flashbacks, which can be fun, ( at times ) and frustrating as well ~ ( LOL, rolls eyes, and jus'sayin' )

I like to just think of myself as a 'person' but there's no escaping the 'chick thing', so whatE.V.E.R ~

For the most part, I'm down to earth, pretty straight up, independent, leader-type, somewhat bossy when I have ta be, and can take care of myself pretty darn well, only cuz I've had to, for oh, so many years, but it's cool, I can hang with that, I reckon, although it would be nice to stand down for a bit and let somebody else take over for a while... ~ smiles, an' jus'sayin' ~

I'd like to meet

Steven Tyler
Dwight Yoakam
Queen Elizabeth II
Condoleezza Rice
Gordon Ramsay
Thomas Keller


Camping, hunting, fishing, waterskiing, crosscountry snowskiing, hiking, rappelling, river floating, road-tripping, cooking, baking, writing, firefighting ~

I loved gymnastics in high school, and finding a set of uneven parallel bars would be almost as cool as having / getting a purple Harley, so jus'sayin' ~

Also LOVE my laptop computer, and Blackberry Storm, and can entertain myself for, like, EVER if given the chance, i.e writing, surfing, learning, listening to music, lookin' at recipes, chillin' ~


I love to sing, cook, write, learn, teach, drive, and have been asking for a purple harley for a damn long time now, every chance I get, as a matter of fact, and to anyone who unknowingly asks if I need or want anything ~

Music Is My Sanity, and life would truly S.U.C.K. without it ~

I love to fly, and wanna learn how to fly helicopters for Wildland Firefighting, since, I also happen to be a Volunteer Firefighter ~

I hope to plant my silly self on a couple hundred acres of 'Guest Ranch' property in Montana, someday, where I can hunt, and fish, and hike and camp, and share with others accordingly... Offering Regional Culinary Cooking experiences, and outdoor environmental / recreational opportunities would be a dream come true, all the while zipping around via Fire Engine Red Jeep Rubicon / Purple Harley / or Sleek Black Helicopter just for kicks !

A huge fan of NASCAR, PBR, and related redneck sports ~ Lol, and jus'sayin'

Favorite Music

Favorite TV Shows

Rescue Me
Dead Like Me
Northern Exposure
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Iron Chef America
Hell's Kitchen
Boston Legal

Favorite Movies

Lonesome Dove
Drop Dead Fred
Babette's Feast
Star Trek
Man On Fire
Scent of a Woman

Favorite Books

'Thoughts on Fire; Life Lessons of a Volunteer Firefighter' by Dr. Frank McCluskey, Professor of Philosophy, Mercy College and Member, Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department...

'Kitchen Confidential' by Anthony Bourdain

'Garlic and Sapphires' by Ruth Reichl ( and ALL of her other books too, I might add... )

'Tough Cookie' and all related series, by Diane Mott Davidson

'My Side of the Mountain' by Jean Craighead George

'The Bible' by GOD

Favorite Quotes

"It's Amazing ! In the Blink of an Eye, You Finally See The Light " Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, from the song AMAZING

"Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel could be YOU ! " Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, from the song AMAZING

"You tell 'em I'm comin', and Hell's comin' with me !" Kurt Russell, as Wyatt Earp, in "Tombstone"

"'Cuz I SAID so..." my mom

"Never pull a gun, unless ya plan on usin' it..." my dad

"Ya probably DON'T wanna piss me off... " me

Favorite Heroes

Mother Theresa


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