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Clint Eastwood Says Liberal Bias Affects Oscar Voting: Agree?
HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM reports: This story first appeared in the Nov. 28 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. ...
29 votes
'Cosby Show' repeats pulled: Can you still laugh with ...
INSIDETV.EW.COM reports: Bill Cosby is continuing to move off TV's entertainment schedule and into its news program...
43 votes
Preaching Militant Non-Violent Civil Disobedience in Ferguson:...
Rev. Osagyefo Sekou wants white people to fear the Ferguson protesters in order to bring about change. The black mini...
595 opinions
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Peter Kassig Beheading Isis Video Has a Different Ending: Is I...
The latest Isis video of a dead Western hostage lacks the actual beheading, forced statement by the hostage, and warn...
345 votes
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Which came first?
(not a chicken and egg question)
49 opinions
Terrorists Smuggled Across U.S. Southern Border: Is America...
WASHINGTONTIMES.COM reports: Four Turkish men with ties to a U.S.-designated terrorist group were nabbed by Border ...
552 votes
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Andy Warhol's Triple Elvis Sells for $82 Million: Is Any A...
Christie’s auction house had a record night with $852 million in sales. Eleven of the painting's were by Andy Warhol....
422 votes
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Los Angeles Offers Free Rain Barrels to Beat Drought: Is Calif...
Anglinos will start singing for glee now that the city has offered "free" (at taxpayer expense) barrels to collect ra...
495 votes
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Would you rather have a 30% salary increase or be able to walk...
THEGUARDIAN.COM reports: What makes a city a great place to live – your commute, property prices or good conversati...
52 votes
'Breaking Bad' Blamed for Rise in Crystal Meth Usage: ...
Professor Ellis Cashmore of Staffordshire University links the hit television show's inclusion of the drug with its r...
524 votes
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I co-founded SodaHead after leaving MySpace in 2006. A few more friends joined us on this adventure, and we made some amazing new friends along the way. I love spending time with my family. My wife and kids put life in perspective. I try to live life to its fullest by enjoying everyday I can with my family and friends.
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