YOVILLE By Zynga Myspace & Facebook App - A Hackers Paradise

I joined this game to study it for a project I am working on. It is a virtual world. It is an approved application for Myspace and Facebook. There are thousands of members from around the world and countless hackers taking advantage of serious security breaches within the game. Zynga has already been reported many times to the Better Business Bureau and some are talking of taking up a class action suit to have the non responsive Zynga return their earned items and the real money that some members paid to have YO Cash which buys items yo coins earned within the game can not purchase.

The forum is filled with angst ridden members who have lost their yoville coins, yoville CASH which cost money to buy and all their possessions that some have worked for months to accumulate. This is happening at a record fast pace. One character I created recently had all items stolen as well. This was after I took every precaution possible to prevent such occurrences. I didn't have strangers on the buddy list and once the people added me as a friend to earn more coins I deleted them. Anything that could be done, I did. Yet still, I was hacked. To me this was a study of a game and not so important in the losses but to others who have invested countless hours and hard earned money it is completely disheartening.

If Zynga would even respond they might get some benefit of a doubt of being a victim but their responses according to the forum are extremely rare and usually the entire contents or coins and cash values can not be returned. I am still waiting for any semblance of a reply from Zynga to my report of theft and hacking. None has been received so far. I will give them another twenty four hours past that which they advertise on their sites to allow and after that I will be contacting the BBB myself. I am also looking for an attorney to represent those interested in a class action suit.

I seriously think this is high negligence and consumer fraud. When a company takes no actions to satisfy it's customers who have paid money to play their game, and invested time to play that is a horrible state of affairs.

If you play yoville, I suggest you prepare yourself for a loss. If you are considering purchasing yo cash, DON'T. You are buying nothing and will probably loose everything it is going to purchase in cyber space.

UPDATE APRIL 18 2009 - http://www.sodahead.com/blog/61575/yoville-hacking-is-rampant...
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  • austin 2012/09/27 18:52:40
    i was hack over 500000million coins and 5000 yocash and 60 cars and 90 horse and 30 monster trucks please help
  • tyler 2012/06/18 05:06:10
    i was saving for a house but i was hacked from 9,999 please email me with ing 13 days please
  • Tory Glunt 2012/03/19 01:09:33
    Tory Glunt
    Uck! I fell for it... i went to an event "I CAN GET YOU RICHER" i was really rich at the time but i thought i could get a little richer. i went onto the website. entered my username and password so they would send me items. i had 5,021,987 or something like that. i also had a mafia bat. i cant belive i fell for it. seriously you have GOT to help me.
  • destiny 2011/10/23 06:44:52
    how do you start hacking peope plz tell me
  • markellwilliams 2011/08/06 05:44:07
    plz help me somone scamm me from my lambogini yellow and 100k i save my money up 4 2 years and now all gone i cry everday becuz its gone and my lambogini gone away plz help mme i went to 5 different websites and they dint work so plz help
  • Dylan Manahi 2011/07/23 06:39:25
    Dylan Manahi
    i need 40k for my yocash and 20k for my coins it was my brothers fauld becuse he went in my yoville accound please help me and in serious youe sincerly dylan
  • Mish 2011/07/19 11:31:35
    I was hacked in January of 2010.. it was my fault for clicking a link which looked like a yoville link and "signing in" with my facebook id. I should have known better.. usually I do.. just caught me on a dummy day I guess. At any rate.. I lost a bundle of rares, yocash, and coins. I immediately made a list of what I'd lost and contacted zynga. I got the typical response of "sorry".. but this redhead doesn't accept that. I continued to contact for 2 1/2 months, advising them I was a valued customer, and when I pay money into their business, I expect some sort of protection, as the false website was posted on my yoville message board. After 2 1/2 months, I was returned all that had been taken. I insisted they send me a readout of the activity on my account during the hours that I knew I had been hacked. This is how they tracked down the hackers and got my items back. Don't give up...insist on a response. Also..if you're looking for something for nothing.. expect to be scammed and don't cry about it.
  • safari Mish 2011/07/23 07:15:40
    Great comment - thank you.
  • nancy 2011/06/21 02:27:07
    i got scamed my money was gone i had 45,090yocoins and my coins were gone my email
  • nancy 2011/06/21 02:25:00
    i need mcfly hair,45yocash and 34,000coins please i got hacked by a man
  • Mahmoud Siliman 2011/06/20 06:28:51
    Mahmoud Siliman
    i have scamed in hat and shades and make up worth 60k
  • Bob Hoppe 2011/06/13 20:42:25
    Bob Hoppe
    i got scammed 40k this person said ill make u rich just give me ur stuff and ill give 1 millon coins and all my stuff back but she scammed me my jumba shades anniversy wings green megan glasses pink and orange easter acholic shades jumba ring jumba earrings and they took 50 yocash from me:((( they took all my hats whiich were native hat and auttum hats sept for the purple one. the last thing they took was my v day wings and they took all my costumes so pretty much all acceroies.
  • mikeykidda 2011/05/29 14:12:54
    i got scammed 23000 yo coins and 55 yo cash someone told me they could sell houses so i done a trade and it was a lawn mower :/

    can you help me im not trying to scam im trying to get my money back because i paid 55 yo cash for a lawn mower and thats just out of order im new on on yoville and i even brought my own money my email
  • sean 2011/04/03 15:43:23
    i buyed yocash and dident get it
  • mŌҢÂmÈđҒÄҰẻď 2011/03/16 09:49:34
    i got scam in pink retor and old bow and ninja and 4m
  • astrit 2011/03/15 17:08:49
    i got scamed like 100k and a PMTowmn hat...i made event called need a rich dad a dad came asked him to be my dad and he said first you have to give me 100k and your
    PMTowmn hat so i traded and he said that he will hack my red cupid wings and ran of with my 100k and my PMTowmn hat
  • AnneBurton 2011/02/20 17:24:12
    plz i am 10 i got scammed and i cant get in my fb account cuz a guy put a fake web site and i put my email and pass 4 it and subbmited it and now ci am locked out if u want proof i am brianna i am on my moms srry i have a pic of a cartoon pupy 4 my pic and wonce i got scammed i reported it 2 yoreahab and they did nothing plz help.ty
  • angela 2011/02/02 06:55:22
    I logged into FB on jan 31, 2011, it said that someone from another country tried to get into my account, i changed my password right away...when i went into YoVille i was missing over 300.000. coins and most of my rares. I contacted Zynga and they said they could not help me....Does anyone know what i can do to get this resolved?
  • MatthewMunoz 2010/07/02 07:38:53
    ive been hacked and i know whio hacked me could anyone help me plz
  • EslamMeka 2010/06/15 04:20:17
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