Your Favorite Three Dog Night Song

VERYwiseguy 2012/04/01 22:22:40
I saw them last night and here's my review.I have over 100 concerts under my belt.The first was Hendrix opening for the Monkees (and his last) at Forest Hills Stadium Queens,NYC.The members 4 of 7 are the starting originals and have played with nearly every genre of music and have made the charts in rock,pop,country,R&B; etc...Formed in 1968 they've played with the likes of Cher,Hendrix and Tiny Tim lol Well rounded talent.From 1969-1974 no other group had more top ten hits,moved more records or sold more concert tickets.They have the original guitarist,keyboardist,bassist and drummer.(old guys) :) I play a Strat and the lead was awesome using extended versions of songs which is why I prefer live music sometimes the songs are better and they were.That was the best part of the concert.They had 21 consecutive top 40 hits,18 straight top 20 hits,11 top 10 hits,three #1's and 12 straight RIAA certified gold Lp's since 1986 they have performed over 2000 shows and two Super Bowls and are still on the road playing.They did a rendition of Mama Told Me Not to Come in a hip-hop style said it took 5 minutes to put together they set the keyboard to play automatically put on caps sideways made all the walking around using all the silly gestures in your face,sang the lyrics in the rap fashion (rapped/talked) Idk if it was more funny than sad? You know all the fanfare and hype that type of FAKE music imo is known for.It was better than 90% of what's out there! However that's not saying too much. :( If you're a fan of old skool rock/pop I give a 7 out of 10 only for these reasons.Thank God their songs were as good or better than the original sound.1) They didn't play 'Eli's Coming' and 2) it was the shortest concert I've ever seen 1hr 20 mins. 3) I sat and waited for an encore there was none??? For Eli's Coming and people did the same thinking that was the encore song.4) they left out many songs they had 21 top 40's to work with.So I say only go if you're a die hard fan.My ticket was only $35 and the venue was small and close to home and has great acoustics.Save your money otherwise.They are now in my top 10 of rip off concerts.Linda Ronstadt #1 Bob Dylan #2 Van Halen #3 Only because Eddie didn't wail on the guitar.This was AEN the VWG concert review PEACE
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