Yankee fans... Will you miss AJ Burnett?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/02/20 02:37:29
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All the trade rumblings are over and Burnett is officially dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Yankees in return will be recieving two low level prospects and salary relief of Burnett's contract. I know what alot of Yankee fans are thinking now. I've heard things like good riddance or it's about time. But I for one think Burnett gets alot of unfair criticism from Yankee fans. Has he underperformed in his contract? Absolutely. But has he been a complete bust? I really don't think so. Say what you want but the Yankees don't win the World Series in 2009 without Burnett's game 2 gem. He came up big and saved their skin down 1-0... 2-0 is a much bigger momentum shift than 1-1. And in game 4 of the 2011 ALDS against the Tigers he proved that his world series gem was no fluke. He again saved their skin in an elimination game to give them some hope at the time. So saying that he couldn't handle New York or high pressure situations is a bit unfair. His problems recently I feel are due to a drop in velocity... so now when he misses with his fastball it's hurt him more now than when he was throwing 95-97 consistantly. Pitching in the National League and in a more forgiving ballpark might benefit him. Now he's also had bad moments as a Yankee too, like slamming his hands against a wall in frustration and cutting his hand, pitching with an unexplained black eye against the Baltimore Orioles and hints of a fallout with manager Joe Girardi this year. But unlike some players (Tex and a-rod), Burnett did seem to be bothered by his poor performance. But people swear that AJ is a great teammate and the Yankee teammates seem to like him alot... most are even upset about the fact he's gone. I mean, what are we going to do next year without his whipped cream pies after walkoffs? Call it unclassy, but I think that livened up the clubhouse a bit.

Do I agree with the Yankees trading him? Yes. He's an aging power pitcher who's on a decline. He needs to reinvent himself and I think doing it in the NL Central is a much easier task than doing it in the highly competitive AL East. But am I saying good riddance or about time? Absolutely not. I feel sorry for the guy to an extent and I will miss him a bit. Your thoughts.
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