Y do most guys love the really trashy/slutty girls?

lala 2010/01/26 22:49:54
almost all the guys i know and hang out with think that, what i consider the 'slutty girls', are really hot and they wanna be with them? i just dont get it. even some of my best guy friends r like that too. wat do u guys think?
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  • Hussain 2010/02/18 05:36:36
    well i prefer hot slutty girls cuz they are pleasing to look at and you get them easily. but yes there's a fear they'll leave you..nice girls have the power of making you fall in love with them, and you dont get them that easily too much effort and very time consuming =p
  • lala Hussain 2010/03/10 22:12:38
    thanks that actually helps a lot. and its honest lol
  • vidente 2010/01/27 02:22:59
    Yeah, girls are so different, they want to hang out with skinny guys who wear thick glasses and not the "hot" jocks. yeah girls hang skinny guys wear glasses hot jocks
  • Misdemeanor 2010/01/27 00:39:00
    Sex. Most girls don't get guys because of their infatuation with sluts and sex. Luckily I actually have a few guy friends who aren't obsessed with them. One of them did go out with one just to prove that he wasn't gay though (becasue he appears to have NO sex drive WHATSOEVER). It was kind of funny becasue of how psychotic she was. That was his punishment though.
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2010/01/26 23:27:26
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    Guys like sex. I happen to be fortunate enough to have a guy friend that hates slutty girls. He gives me hope in the world. XD
  • lala 2010/01/26 23:24:18
    wat i also wanna no is are ALL guys like this? and y is it that 74% of men would cheat on their wives if they got the chance? do guys really fall in love or is it just an act?
  • Hussain lala 2010/02/18 05:28:39
    an act.
  • jimbeam... lala 2014/02/15 08:41:30
    No we not all like that I like to keep the same girl once I'm use to them but girls are just as bad except they hide to do it is all every girl I been with is the same trashy or nice ones they all been trashy and no I really don't like rap
  • NESSA 2010/01/26 23:20:44
    i no !!! but i dt know
  • lala NESSA 2010/01/26 23:22:23
    it suz cuz its like u might really like a guy, then they start talkin bout trashy girls and ur like wow really?. now it seems most guys r like that
  • NESSA lala 2010/01/26 23:24:04
  • ubiquitous_tergiversation 2010/01/26 23:16:11
    This isn't rocket science.

    1) 'Sluts' are so-called because they have lots of sex.

    2) Men like sex.

    Get it now?
  • Xstrang... ubiquit... 2010/01/26 23:38:39
    Thats what I said it sucks though.
  • ubiquit... Xstrang... 2010/01/27 00:26:51
    It's not so bad. Guys who are into sluts are probably not interested in a committed, loving relationship anyway, and just want to get laid. If you just want to get laid you should be a slut, otherwise let the sluts take those guys off your hands so they don't waste your time pretending to love you for sex.
  • Xstrang... ubiquit... 2010/01/27 21:41:45
    Harsh but true.....
  • nancydoodle 2010/01/26 23:14:56
    I always thought that too "Why can't guys like nice girls nowadays?" But the solution is once they meet a slutty girl they fall for them after they met the nice girls but as they continue to see the slutty girl, they learn the nice girl is unreplaceable.
  • NESSA nancydo... 2010/01/26 23:21:25
    yep i agree
  • nancydo... NESSA 2010/01/26 23:23:40 (edited)
    yeah like that happened to my sis when she got cheated on and her and her ex are friends now, but once that happened she didn't talk to him for a year and now that they're friends and all he keeps telling her how much he misses her and that there's noone like her and i'm like well he shouldn't have cheated on my sis for a slut lol
  • lala nancydo... 2010/01/26 23:26:16
    i wish theyd just learn sooner cuz once u cheat ur out. theres no way im taking u back if u cheat on me ya no?
  • nancydo... lala 2010/01/26 23:29:35
    yeah like right now my sis has a new boyfriend they've been together for 6 to 7 months now and they really like eachother alot and she never went back with her ex
  • NESSA nancydo... 2010/01/26 23:26:31
    yeah true but i think both r wrong
  • nancydo... NESSA 2010/01/26 23:32:38
    like when my sis was fixing to not talk to him period cuz of how hurt she was he got in a really bad accident for making a wrong decision and like he had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital cuz of how bad it was and that made and me sis be worried u know like he did a huge mistake but he was still a cool person like me and him were cool so it was sad and there they became friends but if it wasnt for that they wouldn't be talking at all.
  • NESSA nancydo... 2010/01/28 00:38:13
  • nancydo... NESSA 2010/01/28 02:18:37
    yeah pretty dramatic right?
  • NESSA nancydo... 2010/01/28 02:23:49
  • nancydo... NESSA 2010/01/28 02:31:29
    lol yeah but it happened a while ago and it's all good
  • NESSA nancydo... 2010/01/28 02:32:48
    nice knowing!
  • nancydo... NESSA 2010/01/28 02:35:14
  • XstrangersX 2010/01/26 22:53:13
    Cuase their easy and they can get in their pants. Thats why its sad but true.
  • lala Xstrang... 2010/01/26 22:55:51
    yea i get that part but i just dont get y like EVERY guy thinks and acts like that. even the really cool/down to earth ones who id trust my life with. it just doesnt make sense
  • Xstrang... lala 2010/01/26 22:59:11
    It does make sence they are easier thats why............ Here
    ----------------"Girls" ---------------
    -----------are like apples------
    -------on trees. The best ones-----
    -----are at the top of the tree.-----
    ---The boys don't want to reach---
    --for the good ones because they--
    -are afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
    -Instead, they get the rotten apples-
    from the ground, that aren't as good,
    but easy. So the apples up top think
    something's wrong with them when in
    -reality they're amazing. They just--
    ---have to wait for the right boy to
    ---- come along, the one who's-
    ----------- brave enough to-----
    ---------------climb all---------
    ---------------the way--------
    --------------to the top--------
    -------------of the tree---------
  • lala Xstrang... 2010/01/26 23:05:15
    i love that saying. i just wish guys were smarter than that lol
  • Xstrang... lala 2010/01/26 23:14:14
    Yup but their not :) We cant change that sadly.... But their the ones in the loss when they get older they will realilze that they ciould have had a lot of sweet and loving (not trashy hoes) if they would just open their eyes.
  • lala Xstrang... 2010/01/26 23:18:20
    i wish theyd just realize how stupid theyre acting sooner cuz itz annoyinh wen the guys all talk bout the trashy girls im like really ur better than that
  • Xstrang... lala 2010/01/26 23:27:40
    Yeah not all guys are like that only the ones that we happen to fall for haha oh well.
  • NESSA lala 2010/01/26 23:22:14
  • nancydo... Xstrang... 2010/01/26 23:16:19
    i got that in a forward in it made alot of sense to me=)
  • Xstrang... nancydo... 2010/01/26 23:28:31
    Yes when I saw that I was like that is an amazing saying I love it cause its so true.
  • nancydo... Xstrang... 2010/01/26 23:35:37
    yea it is=) it actually made me feel better
  • Xstrang... nancydo... 2010/01/26 23:39:31
    Well good!!! Yay!

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