Would you work for $65 /day if cast as an extra on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?

oncameratalent 2013/12/05 17:16:46
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Fifth Mate Productions and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have now set a new
start date to begin filming on the Walt Disney Pictures fantasy
adventure comedy feature film "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell
No Tales". The Casting Society of America Artios Award winning casting
director is set to begin holding auditions in Los Angeles for lead and
supporting roles. Shooting will take place in Los Angeles, United
Kingdom, Louisiana, and Hawaii beginning October, 2014 and will continue
through approximately April, 2015. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men
Tell No Tales" will hit theaters in 2016.

Doing extra work generally does not pay very well, but can be a great learning experience for someone
interested in acting. For others, it can be a very fun experience!

Read More: http://www.featurefilmcasting.com/2013/12/casting-...

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  • yasmin zelko 2014/01/16 00:15:46
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    yasmin zelko
    well, if im gonna win an oscar one day, what better way to start my acting off by being an extra :) i would soooooo go for it!
  • kuldeep sharma 2014/01/08 10:58:02
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    kuldeep sharma
    Yes for sure pls give me this chance I m indian.
  • chaunceyperkinsjr 2014/01/04 01:57:27
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    I would love to have that opportunity!
  • Disneybuff79 2014/01/02 09:36:54
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    There are no small parts, only small actors! Would love to do this!!
  • chaunce... Disneyb... 2014/01/04 01:56:40
    Yes, I would love to have that opportunity!
  • Mary Edmonson 2013/12/31 01:44:56
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Mary Edmonson
    The extras are the backbone of any movie or television drama/sitcom. Would love to be onboard, matey!
  • tayloy Cowhey 2013/12/30 22:21:28
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    tayloy Cowhey
    In a second I would!
  • Marissa 2013/12/29 20:44:31
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    I love acting, it doesn't matter how big or small the role. I'd do it for free, I'd sleep in a tent if I had to.
  • Jorge Mendibur 2013/12/29 15:49:19
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Jorge Mendibur
    I would do it if everything was included travel, lodge, food. A movie of this magnitude should pay at least $200 a day for extras knowing it will be long days.
  • zaif umar 2013/12/07 06:00:27
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    zaif umar
    i'm deadly serious about film-making.so i want work at any pay scale!
  • Major Mel 2013/12/06 19:23:47 (edited)
    No, I would pass for better pay
    Major Mel
    The going pay for an 'extra' [via Central Casting] way back in 1975 or '76 was $100/day. So $65/day is not really at all reasonable considering inflation etc. I'd think somewhere between $200 to $300/day should be about right considering inflation, but I really don't know what Central Casting is paying 'extras' these days. I looked this up and couldn't believe what I saw.

    Unbelievable, todays extras are paid peanuts by comparison to the 1970's! See:

    Base Rates-Overtime-Double Time for 'Extras'
    The base rate is the amount of money that an EXTRA will make for any work done during the first eight hours of being on set. It is also the figure that is used to determine overtime and double time rates. The base rate for Non-Union EXTRAS is $54.00 and the rate for Union EXTRAS is $110. To get overtime and double time rates, you will divide the base rate by 8. This number is then times by 1.5 to get the hourly rate of pay for overtime hours and by 2 to get the hourly rate of pay for double time hours. Therefore the rates for Non-union EXTRAS are $10.13 per hour for overtime (hours 9, 10, 11, 12 worked) and $13.50 per hour for double time (all hours after 12th hour worked). Rates for Union EXTRAS are $20.63 for overtime and $27.50 for double time.

    And some still aren't convinced that they are slaves!
  • golshideghbali 2013/12/06 06:23:15
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    i will play and money its not important for me
  • selina 2013/12/06 00:44:14
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    It is not the money, but the thrill of it!
  • tonytriche 2013/12/05 23:41:11
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    I already have a job I love, so doing something I have a passion for $65.00 a day? There would be no question about it, absolutely yes!
  • Catherine boley 2013/12/05 23:08:57
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Catherine boley
    $65 bucks a day that's more than a days work at minimum wage where I live. yes!
  • steffan... Catheri... 2013/12/05 23:21:33
    Of course..y money is if you're speaking a part.I got a chance to be in a few movies over on the islands and I had a great time 65 bucks a day.. Doesn't even matter because it's just fun.. you do get paid extra money if you have to get blown up or have to blood work or anything like that so their bonuses and craft services that's always good
  • Catheri... steffan... 2013/12/19 14:30:46
    Catherine boley
    I'd probably do it just to get in front of the camera for the thrill of it :-) but receiving some sort of compensation would be a bonus.
  • yasmin.fontana.79 2013/12/05 22:23:48
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Absolutely yes! I'm in for sure! All I am looking for now is the experience! I don't really care about the money! It would be great!
  • Matthew Blacker (PWCM~JLA) 2013/12/05 22:11:14
    No, I would pass for better pay
    Matthew Blacker (PWCM~JLA)
    My time is worth far more than that.
  • William 2013/12/05 20:52:55
    No, I would pass for better pay
    But if provided travel, lodging and meals I might reconsider.
  • Freeranger 2013/12/05 20:26:00
    No, I would pass for better pay
    Having worked in that capacity on projects great and minor, plus Indy film, the first time is "cool"....until the novelty and "high" wear off for the more rational among us, with the exception of those intrepid individuals proceeding, bitten by lime lights who, like camp gypsies, are willing to risk a bohemian life in trade for small scraps (reads pay & no bennies), and a cool obituary in which you are offered (if you write your own) the consolation of stating that you worked on film _______ with________.

    Pirating at it's finest mate.
  • dan 2013/12/05 19:08:14
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    I would if paid travel and hotel put up..i have worked for disney world in entertainment and also now portray capt jack sparrow for local parties around ft. lauderdale area www.floridaentertainmentnetwo...
  • Gladys 2013/12/05 19:03:07
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Yes, I would do it for $65, it would be a great learning experience.
  • dlorette 2013/12/05 18:56:48
    No, I would pass for better pay
    I would do it for about $200.00 a day which is what I get paid to do that work in Canada on films and television shows.
  • oncamer... dlorette 2013/12/06 03:33:48
    I am sure you must be union. Because I can prove with documentation that the pay rate for a non-union Extra in British Columbia is $10.25 an hour CD. $1 Canadian Dollar = $0.94 USD.
  • Jeffrey Wadlington 2013/12/05 18:24:05
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Jeffrey Wadlington
    Hell yea! What an experience that would be.
  • david abe 2013/12/05 18:06:07
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    david abe
    I need the money!
  • Moriarty 2013/12/05 18:02:32
  • oncameratalent 2013/12/05 17:51:19
    Yes, I would for for $65 /day
    Wow, it is "Yes" by a landslide! I did extra work on TV shows, films, commercials, in sound stages, on-location at night, etc. It was a great way to become comfortable on set in these different environments, and it made it much easier when I finally started getting speaking roles!
  • golshid... oncamer... 2013/12/06 06:23:52
    mr baltes where is the aoudition ?
  • pinaysu... golshid... 2013/12/31 15:14:18
    pinaysue76@yahoo. com
    Yes, my great honor to work and be with that movie I always watch . May I ask where is the audition ?

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