Would You Want To See Randy Come Back (Alive) In Scream 5?

BrittanyRose1991 2013/11/06 23:10:03
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Wes Craven says, "No immediate plans for Scream 5." And going take time to come up with a great story to the plot. Which, I understand. And the reason why, I ask you this question. Is because when Scream 2 was released on December 12, 1997. No one, expected for the likable character, Randy Meeks, (potrayed by Jamie Kennedy) to die so suddenly. Audiences were disturbed, and very, extremely upset. And the original script of Scream 3, was, that Randy's parents rescued him and were secretly hiding him. And he survived his stab wounds, and come back alive in Scream 3. But Kevin Williamson (the writer) says, "It was too far-fetched." So, instead, he decided to have him come back. But, only in the video of the trilogy rules. And before the release of Scream 4 in 2011. The Weinstein Brothers, wanted Jamie Kennedy to reprise his role as Randy in Scream 4. But, of course. That never happened. Even though in Scream 2, he was stabbed 4 times. Just to let you know, anyone can survive through 4 stab wounds. For those of you, who are Scream fans. And who would want to see him come back in Scream 5. Please sign this petition.

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  • Natalie Wright 2013/11/07 15:28:47
    Natalie Wright
    We need Randy back
  • BrittanyRose1991 2013/11/06 23:14:21
    I don't care, if doesn't seem possible. Cause the truth is, anything is possible and anything can happen. So, if Emma Roberts can come back as Jill. Then this, should definitely happen. He's my favorite character in the Scream Trilogy. And I definitely want to see him come back in Scream 5
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2013/11/06 23:12:22
    as to how would he come back if he is dead? That would mean he is a zombie or something and scream doesnt go that way. He's been dead for the last what two/three movies.. should stay that way even though i did like his character.. just wouldnt make sense to bring him back now.

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