Would You (Re)Play 'Chris Dorner's Last Stand'?

tentmaster 2013/02/15 20:00:00
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The Internet community 4Chan has immortalized Chris Dorner, an apparent anti-hero, in the form of a video game, free to download. Some people on the internet have called Dorner a "victim" of police corruption, and in this game, the cops are indeed the bad guys. With so many people pointing a finger at the video game industry for gun violence, is this game a sick joke or just rebellious humor?

chris dorner

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  • Bob Waver 2013/03/02 15:25:22
    Rebellious Humor!
    Bob Waver
    Dorner was rambo. He remains legally innocent and fought corruption in the LAPD. He was fired from the LAPD for telling the truth about the LAPD's brutality on mentally retarded people, so in the name of justice he allegedly went out for revenge. The LAPD killed more innocent people then Dorner allegedly did... which caused a backlash from people against the LAPD, especially the community where the LAPD kicked down the doors of 400 people's homes and illegally searched them without a warrant.
    In the end, the LAPD committed more crimes than Dorner did, which makes this game somehow fitting.
  • relllle 2013/02/28 00:46:24
    Rebellious Humor!
    I'm not saying the game is a good thing, it is actually stupid, but it was obviously made to be funny and shouldn't be taken seriously. Even without the context, the game is on 4chan. I can already write it off.
  • GoingForTheJugular 2013/02/27 23:43:30
    Rebellious Humor!
    It's simply someones bad taste. Doesn't nullify the medium.
  • DonaldDodson 2013/02/25 15:19:38
    Sick Joke!
    I would rather see the evidence he had on the corruption which was likely burned along with him
  • nicesteve 2013/02/22 12:51:33
    Sick Joke!
    Four people lost their lives, two others are injured for life, and several others
    lost property, all because of him. And that video game, which promotes and
    encourages such atrocious conduct ain't sick? Yeah, right! I'm gullible!
  • Bob Waver nicesteve 2013/03/02 15:28:34
    Bob Waver
    The LAPD killed 7 people, including 3 members of a jazz band, an elderly woman, and a young girl. Why? Because they were looking for Dorner and that gave them a right to kill who they wanted. The LAPD illegally searched over 400 homes without warrants, destroying far more property than Dorner ever did. So let's demonize Dorner and praise the police.
  • Cynthia Wolf 2013/02/21 22:05:10
    Sick Joke!
    Cynthia Wolf
    I don't think it's good to encourage this. Both sides were flawed. Police are corrupt & crazy shooting suspected Dorners indiscriminately in the streets. But you don't exact revenge on someone by killing their children!! Shame on the lot of them. This game is lame!! How would you feel if you or your fam was starring in it??
  • Hakking 2013/02/21 17:24:46
  • Tylurr Hakking 2013/03/21 07:11:30

    Yes they do C:
  • Hakking Tylurr 2013/03/21 13:45:56
  • Tylurr Hakking 2013/03/23 23:59:53
    I think I have it. If you want, PM me, I'll send it. I mean, stranger danger. But it's worth a playthrough
  • Tylurr 2013/02/21 14:32:12
    Rebellious Humor!

    Where can I get this?


    So what?

    People have abstract opinions on others. Some people thought Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were really the victims (Which, kinda. But it didn't justify Columbine) and decided to make an RPG elaborating on that.



    If it's a decent game with a decent build for free? it's worth a shot. Seems like a Doom map pack to me with some swapped sprites. I could understand concern if it were to be PAID for. But seriously?

    I don't think he's a hero by any means. But this is what free expression allows. Until you quit complaining about how "DAT GAWH DANGED OBUMMAH" or "THESE RACIST REPUBLICAN HICKS" or "HOMMUHSEXIALS" or "THTUPID OLD THTRAIGHT PEOPLE!" or "GODLESS ATHEISTS" or "SHEEP-LIKE CHRISTIANS" are ruining this country, and not people spending all their time complaining about them when there are bigger issues at hand, you really have no place in saying whether or not free expression should be regulated.

    Actually, if you have the ability to complain about anything the government - or really, anyone - does, you really have no place in saying it should be regulated at all, considering that same right gives you the ability to spout your carefully thought out (Or brainless, as it may be) opinion.

    Just a thought.
  • Tina 2013/02/21 02:47:30
    Sick Joke!
    It's 4chan. They are the scum of the world with no respect for anything, not even themselves.
  • Tylurr Tina 2013/02/21 14:33:56
    They're all just one big Internet Haet Machine, aren't they?

  • Ramón 2013/02/20 05:28:53
    Sick Joke!
    Except in Democratic circles where they drool over guns that automatically shoot republicans and conservatives. Then they'd get carpal tunnel syndrome playing the game... if they didn't already have that ...Libtard wankers.
  • Blueskys Ramón 2013/02/20 17:48:53
    Your thinking of the "Machine", the immigrant racists, ethnic bigots and sexists that hide in the Democratic party and pose as "Liberals'.
    They destroyed or drove out the real Liberals.
    Rage against the Machine! Down with neo fascist Democrats and racist immigrants! Down with anti Caucasian slime!

  • Ramón Blueskys 2013/06/11 00:08:08
    I didn't think there were REAL liberals. You mean people who really care about the impoverished, the hungry and homeless and work selflessly to help them instead of the Clinton/Obama machine that seduces the poor with false promises of aid?
  • Tylurr Ramón 2013/02/21 14:34:54
    "Why do Liberals AND Independents hate us? Maybe we should take time to figure out everyone's position and research our opinions before typing them out."

    -Said no modern Republican ever
  • Hakking Tylurr 2013/02/21 17:21:37
  • Turboski 2013/02/20 04:40:19
    Rebellious Humor!
    not sure if just trolling or trolling with a point.
  • cat 2013/02/20 02:50:57
    Sick Joke!
    It is a sick mess anyway.......
  • macy 2013/02/20 02:48:38
    Sick Joke!
    Too soon.
  • codenamev 2013/02/19 22:20:58
    Sick Joke!
    Look, whether or not Dorner was a victim or perpetrator, real lives were lost. This is in really REALLY poor taste.
  • blumunofky 2013/02/19 22:01:04
    Sick Joke!
    How low can you go? What's next? A Sandy Hook target set?
  • smiffjp 2013/02/19 21:38:03
    Sick Joke!
    His fight was against the LAPD...none of his victims were LAPD
  • labeettitley 2013/02/19 20:47:47
    Sick Joke!
    What ARE the benefits of VIOLENCE? MORE VIOLENCE. Glorifying VIOLENCE is a SICK way to make money. What kind of personality traits are we PROMOTING? WAKE UP AND CHECK YOURSELF.......
  • Mindy Utz 2013/02/19 19:28:38
    Sick Joke!
    Mindy Utz
    Beyond pathetic. To glorify, worship, or make money off of a real life murderer is disgusting and pathetic. For anyone who would waste their money on such a thing is equally as disgusting and pathetic as well. Have some self respect.
  • Katie A... Mindy Utz 2013/02/19 19:43:09
    Katie Ayers
    It says right in the article you just read that the download is free. Not saying that makes it any better, but you said anyone who would waste money on such a thing is equally as disgusting and pathetic as well. Well, nobody is spending money on this, so....?
  • THB306 2013/02/19 19:22:14
    Sick Joke!
    I'm willing to admit Dorner was a victim, but he went about uncovering injustice and corruption completely the wrong way, and that type of action should not be glorified.
  • Katie A... THB306 2013/02/19 19:43:28
    Katie Ayers
    I agree!
  • chucky 2013/02/19 18:13:38
    Sick Joke!
    Sick man really sick.
  • Bob 2013/02/19 17:48:13
    Sick Joke!
    Someone could think that the question was a serious question??? Shame on the author of the question.
  • bigbear1293 2013/02/19 17:30:32
    Rebellious Humor!
    Good old 4chan! The masters of being incendiary. Any rage you feel about this game is exactly what they want so as they say here on the internet: "Don't feed the trolls"
  • musiclover92 2013/02/19 17:19:30
    Rebellious Humor!
  • Olga 2013/02/19 17:16:52
  • MikeWon 2013/02/19 16:51:09
  • mrcharlesjohnsonjr 2013/02/19 16:40:15
    Sick Joke!
    He's no different then the ones he killed... the LAPD and Donner are both murders
  • Mindy Utz mrcharl... 2013/02/19 19:31:15
    Mindy Utz
    What? Are you serious? There is a difference between someone running around murdering innocent people for no apparent reason and killing someone who has murdered in cold blood and vowed to keep killing innocent people. How can you even compare the two?
  • Turboski Mindy Utz 2013/02/20 04:50:42
    research the post office massacres and why those were so common. People will do desperate things when you threaten their livelihood for no good reason.
  • monster1612 2013/02/19 16:33:48 (edited)
    Rebellious Humor!
    I meant to say "Sick Joke", the Dorner rampage was annoying enough and should not be immortalized.

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