Would You Let Your Kids Play Football?

Sports 2013/02/03 19:47:55
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The National Football League has done what it can to make the game safer. At least, that is according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Unfortunately for the NFL and Goodell, not everyone agrees. The NFL Players Association recently claimed most professional football players don't trust their team doctors.

That revelation comes on top of a class action lawsuit against the NFL by former players, claiming that the league had information for decades about brain injuries and hid data from them. To make matters even worse, in between all the Super Bowl XLVII hype, President Barack Obama was asked if he would let a hypothetical son play football. The President said he doesn't think he would and all of a sudden, the NFL's safety is under fire when the spotlight is brightest.

Commissioner Goodell has since come out on "Face The Nation" saying he would "absolutely" let his kids play the sport. Football still remains the king of sports in the U.S., but there is only so much bad press the NFL can take before it might have to make even bigger changes for the sake of player safety.

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  • stranger 2013/02/03 20:49:35
    liberals GROW UP! the world isn';t this flower bed, like you think it is!!

    our kids are smarter and tougher then you liberals would have us believe!

    we do not need government holding our hands while driving, or crossing the street!

    if you can't handle seeing your kid getting hurt (like every normal kid) then maybe you should not have any!

    personally i would not enrol my kids (if i had any) in football, only because i don't like football, i would enrol my kids into gymnastics and snowboarding and sports like that (can be much more dangerous then football, but its worth it).

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  • **StarzAbove** 2013/03/07 02:28:15
    No. And I didn't.
  • Pat 2013/03/07 02:27:20
    I would but I know I could never stand watching him be pummeled. My son played hockey which can be almost as bad. I'm glad he didn't continue it as he got older.
  • I AM A TROUBLEMAKER 2013/03/06 14:59:14
    i would play myself........................
  • Oliver Presley 2013/02/20 04:24:47
    Oliver Presley
    Yes, it's football; if they get injured, seriously or otherwise, I would not hold the league responsible, I, and anyone with at least a half developed brain, understand the risks. All the litigation against the NFL is asinine and should be stopped. What's their case based on? "we or he didn't know bashing his head into another persons head over and over again would cause brain injury and we're not just going after deep pockets because our meal ticket is either gone or no longer able to provide" ... suuuuurrrre ...
  • RachelA7X 2013/02/19 21:01:18 (edited)
    Of course! (by football I always think soccer because I'm British)
  • handimom 2013/02/19 05:50:32
    My son was a full back in high school and loved it.He played basketball as well, but got hurt bad enough to be benched for several weeks so quit basketball.
  • zsa zsa 50 2013/02/17 04:48:12
    zsa zsa 50
    I'd let them, but I wouldn't like it. Know lots of people who got serious life changing injuries.
  • wilsonmja 2013/02/16 08:10:35
    I have daughters and I would let them play football. I look forward to the day when the get into sports and start learning about competition and sportsmanship. Perhaps they won't be interested at all in competitive sports and that's fine to, of course, but I doubt with all the influence around them that they won't want to play.
  • 1776gwash 2013/02/15 23:16:23
    I would let them play without any helmets because I believe they are the cause of head injuries.
    really bad head butts

    Really bad Head Butts.
  • codie.paul 2013/02/15 20:13:08 (edited)
    This is a hard question to answer not being a parent. But if i was to ever have a kid and it was his or her dream then i would support it as long as he or she knew what he or she was getting theirself into. And soccer is not more intelligent then football. And no sport is better then football. Enough said.
  • Kokoro 2013/02/14 17:40:40
    I'd let my kids play whatever they wanted so long as they knew the risks it involves.
  • Dlive89 2013/02/13 20:39:12 (edited)
    I believe it is a great learning experiences that should be explored if your children want to play.
  • Tiger!! 2013/02/13 20:37:15
  • Sterling 2013/02/13 18:05:17 (edited)
    Will I let them walk outside every day? Will I let them eat any food that there's any possibility of having salmonella? Funny how liberals are content force-feeding sex ed to other people's kids in kindergarten, yet they go crazy if someone else's kid likes a sport. Most deaths that happen during sports are from health issues that exist regardless of the sport. Most of these health issues are found during physicals, so sports actually do a lot to make kids safer.

    If my kid wants to play football I'll help him be the best. If he wants to play piano I'll help him be the best. My kid get to pick what he wants to do and I'm going to help him do it... unless it's doing drugs or being a liberal activist.
  • Random 2013/02/13 14:36:30 (edited)
    If my hypothetical child or children loved sports, then sure why not?
    In our Football codes, Rugby and Aussie Rules, you don't wear any padding or a helmet!
  • _Casey_Logan_ 2013/02/12 23:27:34 (edited)
    If they wanted to play then i would let them girl or boy it's is their choice not mine. They can play any sort they want, football, baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, swimming, or volleyball. Pretty much any sport they would pick is gonna be violent. They'll get hurt & break some bones but that's ok that's part of being a kid
  • Yuki Yamato 2013/02/10 22:46:38
    Yuki Yamato
    I don't have children
  • clasact 2013/02/10 04:32:06
    I played and if my kid wanted to that would be great.I know that football is a violent sport but thats part of the attraction of it
  • Scrappyang 2013/02/09 14:49:34
    If they had an interest and wanted to play, yes. If they didn't, I certainly wouldn't force them to do so. My step-son loved baseball and that is where he excelled, so that's what he played.
  • angel rose 2013/02/08 18:30:23
    angel rose
    hell yes my boys WILL play football and hockey
  • JackSchitt 2013/02/08 03:28:34
    Absolutely. My son enjoyed playing for 8 years in grade school & high school. He's not playing now in college....but he's on an academic scholarship and maintaining his grades is just TOO important. He was never a star, but he had a TON of fun and it made him a better kid.

    In the Annual Survey of Catastrophic Football Injuries done by the University of North Carolina, it shows that the numbers estimated as:

    3,000,000 youth players
    1,135,000 high school players grades 9-12
    100,000 post high school players

    for a total of 4,200,000 kids playing tackle football in this country.

    During the 2011 football season there were a total of 8 cervical cord injuries with incomplete neurological recoveries and 14 brain injuries which resulted in incomplete recovery. So we're talking about 22 kids out of 4.2 MILLION players or 0.000523%

    So that's a 1-in-190,900 chance of being paralyzed or brain damaged. During that same one year period in 2011 there were 32,367 Americans that died in car accidents.... out of population of 311,591,917. So, according to the National Safety Council this means your one-year odds of dying in a car accident in 2011 was about 1-in-9,626.
  • Scheißegal 2013/02/07 21:30:09
    If they like football, let them play football! Give them protective gear. Plus we're talking about professionals here. They're a lot more massive than my kids would be, no?
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2013/02/07 12:49:35
    I calling "Bulls***"! This whole premise assumes that a player was not free to visit a doctor of their choice?

    Boy I tell ya this guy in the Oval Office sure is good for business! LMAOff!
  • émilie✿ 2013/02/07 04:41:14
    If my son or daughter wants to play football, then I say go for it. As long as they're happy.
  • wolf 2013/02/06 19:44:39
    you can get hurt anywhere so I wouldnt stop them, but they would probably suck at it like their dad
    hurt suck dad
    my fantasy team
    hurt suck dad fantasy team
  • Tree 2013/02/06 17:35:20
    If they wanted to. why not? Girl or boy they can both play.
  • ♰SɕαɾƖεt♰ 2013/02/06 14:35:33
    why not?
  • Tattoo Nana 2013/02/06 02:40:00
    Tattoo Nana
    Team sports are good for kids to learn how to interact with others. I know it's a dangerous sport, but kids can get hurt doing most anything and they do wear protective gear.
  • Gordon 2013/02/06 00:57:42
    Football is too dangerous! danger
  • Shifting Piece 2013/02/05 23:26:39
    Shifting Piece
    Shoot, if they're good and they want to I don't see how I could stop em.
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2013/02/05 21:31:45 (edited)
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Football is something else here..

    It's soccer rather..
  • Clare 2013/02/05 21:06:02
    who cares
  • Georgia50 2013/02/05 19:26:43
    Probably yes, if they wanted to. There's been an on-field football death every year since 1930 with the exception of, I believe, 1990. The human brain can absorb only so much energy. Getting killed playing American football is about as likely as getting killed by a shark (globally).
  • chucky 2013/02/05 19:12:53
    My sons all played rugby.
  • handimom chucky 2013/02/19 05:58:55
    I played hockey and my son said it was to rough so he played football. I don't see that, I don't think there have been very many deaths in hockey.
  • chucky handimom 2013/02/19 06:17:18
    As they say horses for courses? Your son will get tough from football; and yes hockey in my opinion is not as physical as football.
  • KoAm handimom 2013/03/06 14:44:12
    NHL teams play 82 regular-season games a year. At times, they play four games a week.

    NFL teams play 16 regular-season games a year. They rarely play more than once a week. And each team gets a bye week.

    In the playoffs, an NHL team might play more than 20 games. Those games are every other night. In the NFL, a team plays no more than 4 postseason games. They get at least five days off in between. For the Super Bowl, they get two weeks off.

    The NHL has had many players in its history who have not only played, but even excelled, past the age of 40. The NFL has had very few such players, and most of those have been kickers, who don't see a lot of physical contact.

    Based on all those numbers, I think it's very safe to say that football puts MUCH more of a beating on the body than hockey does.

    Come on, it's not even close.
  • macbeth 2013/02/05 17:44:35
    Soccer is a much more intelligent game.
  • littleb... macbeth 2013/02/07 12:36:28
    Odd then they have not figured out they have hands to use!
  • macbeth littleb... 2013/02/07 12:49:44
    Hands are used extensively in soccer for the purpose of pulling your opponent to the ground by his shirt. Strictly against the rules, of course, but it goes on all the time.
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