Would You Book Kanye and Jay-Z for Your Event?

Music 2011/12/30 14:00:00
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Before you answer this, let's just assume money isn't an issue. Because it is. But don't think Kanye West and Jay-Z are too good for birthday parties. According to The Sun, the "Watch the Throne" duo was paid $6 million to perform a show in Dubai for a girl's sweet 16. That's the equivalent of half a million iTunes album purchases. That's a lot of dough, even for pop royalty.

The Sun reports they actually performed "several sets" to a "packed party," although the details are scarce. The girl they played for is apparently the niece of Sheikh Mansour, billionaire owner of Manchester City Football Club and brother to the current president of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa. It's unclear whether Khalifa is the one whose daughter they performed for, though some sources suggest it was. If you had the dough, would you book Kanye and Jay-Z for your personal party?

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  • Tenness... modernm... 2012/01/02 17:54:28
    No its Beyonce, and my CD is the greatest. Ask Kanye!
  • Awesome T Tenness... 2012/01/03 05:38:23
  • Awesome T Tenness... 2012/01/03 05:37:49
  • mustangluver 2012/01/02 15:56:10
    Not even if was 16..LOL..They knew they could suck royalty dry.. kids don't know what music is anymore.
  • Greenbay mustang... 2012/01/02 20:01:12
    Not all kids I'm 15 and I enjoy kiss, wasp, guns and roses etc. It's the retards of our generation that listen to that filth they call auto tune
  • SENSIBL... Greenbay 2012/01/03 04:40:20
    That certainly is your perrogative, but I guess you realize that you are not the only person on this planet, or that what you consider is even important now a days. Just let the boys enjoy their Millions, while you sit and hate. Be off to work a McD's now, here.
  • Emily Keck SENSIBL... 2012/01/03 06:57:32
    Emily Keck
    Excuse moi but your really stupid. People have OPINIONS and that doesnt mean they hate all who are rich!!
  • Ebony Flo 2012/01/02 15:32:50
    Ebony Flo
    Jay-Z, Eminem and Mike Shinoda, sure. Kanye West is not worth my time or my money and he's probably not going to even be in my state.
  • fajaicea.j.adams 2012/01/02 15:14:55
    They are great artists. However, I don't don't have 6 million to be giving out. If I had the money...still a no. There are other things to worry about...like missionary trips, feeding people, and helping the homeless. That sweet 16 girl is blessed.
  • ID51 2012/01/02 15:06:01
    What they do, I don't consider music. Their noise offends my ears.
  • jeff 2012/01/02 14:59:24
    I wouldn't spend a single cent on the success of these two clowns. Especially for a waste of human flesh like Kanye!
  • nokie 2012/01/02 14:40:59
    I'd love for them to perform, but at the same time,even if I had the money I would never spend millions of dollars on one thing. People need to stop the negativity. So rap is not your thing, don't say it's not music just because you're not fond of the genre. Mainstream rap music has become very materialistic over the years and while the music had been light on moving messages, it's still fun to dance to and perfect for a party.To me anyway. :-)
  • nokie nokie 2012/01/02 14:42:53
    But then again, if I could get Beyonce, Monica,Lauryn Hill, or Toni Braxton to belt out some serious Music, I'd take them over Jay Z and Kanye any day of the week.
  • Tenness... nokie 2012/01/02 16:51:06
    Would you inviteTaylor Swift?
  • nokie Tenness... 2012/01/03 16:48:40
    eh, not much of a fan, but if it was free, heII yeah. :-)
  • modernm... nokie 2012/01/02 17:54:54
    it was kayne that showed his lack of class and racist attitude at the awards so i would say it is he that should stop the negativity or did you think what he did was right?
  • nokie modernm... 2012/01/03 16:46:50
    umm, I said stop the negativity when it comes to judging an ENTIRE genre of music. I never said Kanye wasn't a jackass(which I think he personally is) or anything involving racism. I'm talking about music.
  • SENSIBL... nokie 2012/01/03 04:44:10
    You must forget this forum is mainly attended to by Anglo Saxons, that have been told or taught that if they didn't think it or make it, it can't be right. Are they in for a rude awakening as fortune, power and influence begin to further shift and other cultures and people also share the limelight on the worlds stage.
  • SundayS... SENSIBL... 2012/01/03 12:06:50
    Okay who the hell are you and why are you posting these on like every comment?

    I'm guessing you somewhat lack a life. :|

    PS: Anglo Saxons? Really? I thought that term was invalidated 100 years ago.
  • nokie SENSIBL... 2012/01/03 16:56:09
    limelight,lol?? You're taking this way too seriously. Some white people are still racist, but very few are where I live, and none that I can think of in my age group. What you're talking about is an old concept that's only nowadays believed by extremists and REALLY old ignorant people. To most in this day and age people are people and race doesn't have anything to do with power. Money does. \($_$)/ lol. which is still sad in it's own way.
  • Tenness... SENSIBL... 2012/01/03 20:00:27
  • Cathy 2012/01/02 13:57:17
    No, because I,m not into "rap music". I'm into R&B;, Jazz, Gospel and a little-bit of country
  • Evarya Cathy 2012/01/02 22:32:45
    Which type of Gospel?
  • Cathy Evarya 2012/01/04 16:28:54
    Gospel music.....church music, or spiritual songs or hymns.
  • janet 2012/01/02 11:05:59
    Yes, if the attendance and venue called for this type of entertainment and there was a sizeable profit to be made.
    Yet personally this is not my type of entertainment.
  • Gimmedap 2012/01/02 11:05:33
    For that kind of money, I'd hire talent.
  • Sacred Flame 2012/01/02 09:34:42
    Sacred Flame
    Currently Sure They're Doing Some Peppy Rap Game Fad Of The Decade
    Its Still Rap
    Music Changes And These Guys Do To Be Able To Stay In The Business For So Long And To Constantly Revolve To Remain Current And Hip Takes A lot
    Sure They May Be Viewed As Egotistical Or No Talented Or Hard Core Fans Since Yesteryears Are Disappointed In Current Music
    They Rap.They Produce.They Manage Other Artistes. That's A lot. They Must Be Doing Something Right All These Years. I Respect Their Work Ethic.I'd Hire Them.

    Kanye West fashion 2011 event
  • Evarya Sacred ... 2012/01/02 22:33:41
    You Really Don't Need To Capitalize Every Single Word. Just write normally.
  • Sacred ... Evarya 2012/01/04 19:00:27
    Sacred Flame
    I Know I Don't Have To
    It's Just My Thing That I Write Like This
  • BoomLover 2012/01/02 07:31:15
    Not my style...now, if they wore Cowboy Boots, played the Fiddle, and could do the two-step, I might give them a shot....
  • rayven 2012/01/02 07:12:22
    No. U could turn the radio on
  • Smiji 2012/01/02 06:25:30
    Of course not.
  • davidl 2012/01/02 05:56:08
    They'd be perfect to keep the bathrooms sparkly clean.
  • emo mess 2012/01/02 05:36:37
    emo mess
  • Cynthia Fain 2012/01/02 05:18:31
    Cynthia Fain
    I would book Kanye but not jay z...I like jay z but i don't think i could trust him because of the way he slapped that girl up for taking his picture,he seems very temperamental,mean,too serious, and easily ticked off..i would book Kanye because he is funny to me and i think he would light up the party with his personality,very hyper,silly,arrogant but funny and outspoken..I could trust kanye...I am surprised that kanye trusts jay Z because they are each others competition...Like the old saying goes...Keep your enemiies close so you can know and see what they are doing at all times..besides he can watch kanye secretly admire his wife...naw..lol! just joking.
  • Phil 2012/01/02 04:11:37
  • Scarlet 2012/01/02 04:01:51
    They are like so epix so yeahhh
  • purplepearl 2012/01/02 03:53:32
    I would just to laugh at Kanye interrupting everyone.
  • mackenzie 2012/01/02 03:39:14
    They are awesome singers
  • Gimmedap mackenzie 2012/01/02 11:03:18

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