Will you watch the TLC series 'All American Muslim'?

Daryl 2011/11/12 17:06:10
Yes I will watch
No I will not watch
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TLC is releasing a new reality TV show titled 'All American Muslim'.

Will you watch the TLC series 'All American Muslim'?

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  • Sci 2011/11/12 17:11:48
    No I will not watch
    are you kidding me - I taught in the Middle East - stonings - minarets calling out "death to Americans" - the Koran says - death to infidels - who in their right mind except Victoria would watch - it's all sick ---if you want to debate this with me come on!

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  • Jeb Rob... SK-pro ... 2011/11/12 19:11:44
  • HBO Sci 2011/11/12 18:35:05
    Except this is not about the Middle East. The premise is that they are born and raised Americans. They hate their own country ? sorry to burst your bubble but an American is an American is an American. Who has the freedom to worship as they please. Do you know Muslims in America ? I do, and there is no difference between them and me. They serve in our military and shed blood for America. Of course you wouldn't watch it because that might conflict with your hatred.
  • 11 Phen... Sci 2011/11/12 18:39:28
    11 Phenomenon - eNews
    If I were a Muslim and didn't agree with all the butchers out there I would be screaming it from the rooftops and finding another name for my religion.
  • Phil 11 Phen... 2011/11/12 19:21:19
    Dude you hit it right on the head. If they are on our side these "American Muslim's" then they should be doing more to protect the land they were born in and stand up for the Constitution and Democracy. But as we see they are not so draw your own conclusions.
  • Murph Sci 2011/11/12 18:45:19
  • SamBam Sci 2011/11/12 20:56:08
    What did you teach,, and where?
  • AnnS (A... Sci 2011/11/12 21:29:10
    AnnS (Anti-RP2012]

    Oh yes, Victoria; been there done that.
  • sam123 Sci 2011/11/12 22:24:26 (edited)
    do you live in another planet ?
    minarets calling out ''death to american''????!!!!! where did you get this ???? fascinating !!!
    muslims call for prayer in their minaret you twit !!!! some of these worshippers do not know even where america is ?? they do not know who you are !!! basically ,non existent to them

  • kraftym... Sci 2011/11/13 20:45:04
    I don't want to debate you. I have never taught in the Middle East so you know more about the Middle East than I do, but I have loads of ESL students in class. The show is about Muslims who grew up in America, not about "Middle Eastern" Muslims exactly. I think the majority of Muslims who come to America come here for more freedoms, especially the women. The driver's license is a big darned deal with my students. I considered teaching in Oman and Kuwait, but I still have kids at home. Now that they're older, you would think I could do it, but my two would go nuts. While other parents gripe about not being close to their kids, I have two who borrow my clothes and CDs and talk to me incessantly the minute I walk through the door usually. (They're quieter when they're grounded...) They have NO desire to see that part of the world, so I guess I won't either. My daughter has talked about traveling to Europe, and it's obvious that she plans for me to go with her. There is so much history in the Middle East that I had hoped to visit there at least once.
  • Heffeweizen 2011/11/12 17:09:52
    No I will not watch
    Nope, just looks like another leftist propaganda tool to attract another voting block.
  • thepastord 2011/11/12 17:09:06
    No I will not watch
    Nothing against it or the people, this just isn't the type of show that would interest me.......

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