Will You Buy the Nintendo Wii U?

News 2012/09/16 19:24:58
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Attention, all gamers! Nintendo has announced the Wii video game system's successor, the Wii U. The Nintendo Wii U will be released on November 18 in the United States with two versions. Gamers can purchase the Wii U with one controller for $299 or a deluxe version that comes with more memory, a gamepad charger, a stand, and a video game.

One of the biggest changes to this system, compared to the Wii, is the dual screen capability. Besides playing on a regular-sized television, gamers also have a handheld device with a 6.2 inch touchscreen, providing an enhanced multiplayer mode. It also allows gamers to continue playing solely on the handheld device in the event they can't use their TV.

According to Nintendo, there will be 50 Wii U game titles available by March, including "Assassin's Creed III" and "Call of Duty." For years, Nintendo has been criticized for appealing only to families and children, as opposed to all ages, but the Wii U looks like it will silence those complaints. In addition to better graphics, memory, and interactivity, the Wii U will also provide Nintendo TVii, allowing users to stream and record shows via YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and more.

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  • zeldama... Cal 2012/09/16 23:00:07
    Zelda is a series I'd spend hundreds of dollars to continue playing. And then it's got a few that look really good that I can't wait for.
  • Cal zeldama... 2012/09/16 23:07:19
    Zelda is about it. I don't have hundreds to spend either unfortunately, or even one 100.
  • YourCom... Cal 2012/09/16 23:53:31 (edited)
    There's Metroid, but I lost faith after "Other M". Also, Nintendo has the Resident Evil games, which play much better on a wii, imo.
  • critter171 YourCom... 2012/09/17 13:27:57
    I love Nintendo but i also love 360 sony not so much and yes i know Microsoft owns 360 I never really been a huge fan of Metriod of Nintendo.
  • YourCom... critter171 2012/09/17 20:22:20
    It's simple for me. I never got into Playstation (Though their MP structure, Market, and Network is WAAAY better than LIVE), But some games, like Rock Band, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Horror games, and Lego Games play better on a Nintendo console. Shooters, some RPGs, and Racing games play better on an Xbox. Most RPGs, RTS, and some other Shooters play better on a PC, imo.
  • critter171 YourCom... 2012/09/18 01:10:59
    Meh i prefer live over the ps network but to his and her owned. I believe shooters played well on the wii in fact it took me time to get used to a controller again.
  • YourCom... critter171 2012/09/18 01:27:12
    What I mean, is, I'm a Gold Member, but LIVE has constant bugs and issues, and marketplace sucks. PSNetwork is free, with Less bugs, and from what i've heard, better deals. But I simply prefer Xbox gaming :D Anyways, Wii didn't have many great First-person shooters, Although I Enjoyed the Conduit, Goldeneye, and COD4 Reflex quite well.
  • critter171 YourCom... 2012/09/18 12:17:38
    the wii had some good shooters it just the developers faild to capture what it could of really been. all consoles will have bugs i know live is far from perfect but i never really had any issue with it. I mean once in awhile it kick you out of a party other than that... not hard to open a new one.
  • YourCom... critter171 2012/09/18 19:50:34 (edited)
    Sometimes I can't join parties at all, but i can start them, the DotW system sucks, and matchmaking can be screwy at times. I'm just saying...But I like the games and gameplay on an Xbox more than a PS3... And Yeah, Totally! Wii had some GREAT potential for shooters, it just didn't work out well. I mean, it had RE4, COD4, Conduit, GoldenEye, Metroid Trilogy, but then some sucky (IMO) FPS: MoH:Heroes 2, Other M, The Black Ops port (though BO is a good game on Xbox/PS3), and *shudder* RedSteel...
  • critter171 YourCom... 2012/09/18 22:54:00
    i not really found of capcom nor do i care for re4... they shooters did fine... like i said and a lot of people have harder time getting back to normal controller. i enjoy red steel but it was one of the first games.
  • YourCom... critter171 2012/09/19 00:02:35
    Well yeah...I have trouble playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl then Gears of War 3 on the xbox, lol.
  • critter171 YourCom... 2012/09/19 12:16:47
    i don't think you are alone in brawl i tried to play it but it just sux
  • critter171 Cal 2012/09/17 13:27:13
    Really so since Nintedno has games everyone can enjoy ... is the reason why you won't buy it. so i guess you have no E rated game... from in other system.
  • Cal critter171 2012/09/17 19:43:30
    No, I don't. I don't have kids. I don't have siblings where I live. I have no need for E games. I have a life, I buy what looks interesting, play it intermittently, but other that that no nothing else....
  • critter171 Cal 2012/09/18 01:12:06
    So you think having e rated game makes it for kids? i have to disagree with you in that i played plenty of e rated games like sports games and others... and i am 25 years old. hell Mario is one of the best video games to this date.
  • Brispir 2012/09/16 22:27:31
    well, at least not until there are a couple good games that make me want to buy the system. I'll wait till good games get on there first
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/09/16 22:15:56
  • LdyLeo 2012/09/16 21:58:21 (edited)
    Sorry, but I will just keep my old PS2,PS3 system and the original wii. The wii u looks cool, but I don't have any plans on buying a Wii U any time. I got what I want, but the hype will die in a year or two.
  • emily.q... LdyLeo 2012/09/16 23:01:24
    Would you like it to be $600?
  • LdyLeo emily.q... 2012/09/17 00:15:18 (edited)
    No, I was just surprised when I found out that this Wii was selling for $300 dollars. That tells me that their game consoles are not up to pare with Sony and Microsoft. That's a good thing the price is low, but I got my PS3 already so I don't need to buy a Wii U.
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/17 13:29:02
    wii sold at $250 or 249.99
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/17 13:28:31
    first off the first one is 300 dollars the second one is 350
  • LdyLeo critter171 2012/09/17 17:06:02 (edited)
    You are all over the comment sections, replying to people who answered 'no'.
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/17 17:34:57
    yet your all over the the replay saying a bunch of nonsense i am telling you facts a price does not me its not with the same as other systems. that a retard way of thinking.

    when you are saying the wii sold at $300 than when it really sold at 249.99 $50 dollars different. You going to smack talk get facts right. and i can tell you right now ps2 was not on par with the other two systesm cube and xbox at all
  • LdyLeo critter171 2012/09/17 17:54:40
    I don't know what you are talking about because I am not over the comment section talking smack to anyone who said no. If people want to buy the Wii U, then that is fine. If others don't want to buy a Wii U, then that is fine as well.
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/18 01:13:46
    You are not speaking facts i chew people out for faling of facts and no i comment on everyone who said no and had a reason. the other no they said were for the fact they had no money. Why would i need to answer people from Yes? i already know there answer. the fact your are spitting bs out its my problem with you. and you are ignorant to see it. admit you wrong and you be all set. cause i will not stop.
  • LdyLeo critter171 2012/09/18 03:23:48 (edited)
    Dude, you need to calm the hell down. You are getting all upset over video games and a game console, so you are being ignorant here. I said no because I see no need to get another Wii because I already have one besides the PS2 and PS3. You need to respect the other's that said "no"'s opinions because the people that answered no gave their reasons and you are just slamming them for their reasons. I respect the opinions of everyone elses, so do the same with mine.
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/18 12:19:16
    the only ingorant person is you... how is wii u another wii? you call me ingorant... show how much that is... I have no repsect for someone who can't speak facts. Really i slammed them read my replies... you are being ingorant. and i told you i will not stop till you accpet that you made a mistake.
  • LdyLeo critter171 2012/09/18 16:23:03 (edited)
    It's just another wii to me; pure and simple. How did I even make a mistake? If you can't respect my choices on game consoles, then you can blow me, pal. Everyone is free to agree to disagree on something. I told you opinion, so you are unworthy of my respect. I think you're petty arguing with someone over a game console. You need to respect my opinions just like the others.

    You think Wii is better, fine. Who cares what game console is better as long as you are having fun with playing games on them.
  • critter171 LdyLeo 2012/09/18 12:19:48
    that like saying oh whats the point of 360 when i have xbox whats the point of ps3 when i have a ps2... its stupid logic
  • Smuwf, Twin 2012/09/16 21:38:51
  • critter171 Smuwf, ... 2012/09/17 13:29:17
    Not even damn close go away troll
  • Smuwf, ... critter171 2012/09/17 15:16:17
    Smuwf, Twin
    Im not a troll...thats just an opinion that you dont like. calm down
  • critter171 Smuwf, ... 2012/09/17 17:35:55
    ok have you played wii u? no... wii u has better grapchis than ps3 and xbox360 so cleary it better than psp. psp vita is down terrible in the handheld market and its not going to do any better than psp

    you are a troll
  • Smuwf, ... critter171 2012/09/18 12:15:41
    Smuwf, Twin
    no I'm not a troll lol,I just guessed that the Wii U had bad graphics by taking reference from the Wii. I'm just misinformed. sorry lol
  • critter171 Smuwf, ... 2012/09/18 12:20:55
    when someone jumps to assumption without facts you are a troll sorry bud. but anyone with common sense would know wii u has better grapchis than a handheld.
  • Smuwf, ... critter171 2012/09/19 10:16:16
  • critter171 Smuwf, ... 2012/09/19 12:17:57 (edited)
    like jumping to assumption grapchis bite without looking up facts?
  • Smuwf, ... critter171 2012/09/19 15:38:23
    Smuwf, Twin
    Your more of a troll than me to be honest
  • critter171 Smuwf, ... 2012/09/19 23:59:47
    i am a troll sorry but i go BY FACTS. not TROLL FACTS. till you get that through your think skull i will also defend, Nintedno,ms, sony anytime you say something that not true.

    I am a video gamer of all systems...

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