Will 'Avatar 2' Be Even Better Than the First?

Film 2011/04/01 11:00:00
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James Cameron's first "Avatar" film was visually one of the most advanced films to date, but the Academy Award-winning director is preparing to step up his game for the sequel.

The Associated Press revealed that "Avatar 2" will be shot at 48- or 60-frames-a-second, compared to the 24-frames-a-second that has been Hollywood standard for more than 80 years.

Cameron unveiled the new development at a CinemaCon convention, where he showed 3-D clips shot at the standard speed immediately followed by clips shot at the quicker speed, to demonstrate the difference.

"I was stunned when I saw it, at how clear and crisp it was. If 3-D is like looking at reality through a window, we've taken the glass out of the window," said Cameron.

But "Avatar 2" will be a long time coming.

"I'm still just writing the script," Cameron admitted, "so I'm a minimum of 18 months out of having to shoot something. I've got a bit of time to get this sorted out."

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  • jOkEsOnYoU 2011/04/01 14:37:12
    Considering the first one was complete and utter crap, it won't take much to make the sequel better.

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  • beach bum 2012/06/07 15:47:47
    beach bum
  • BishopDeNeumoustier 2011/04/04 18:13:03
    Maybe he could show it from the perspective of the virtuous humans conquering those damnable aliens and converting them to a food source/slave labour.
  • jazznique 2011/04/04 17:41:07
    i didnt even no they made a #2
  • El Prez 2011/04/04 17:20:10
    El Prez
    Not likely!!!
  • COMALite J 2011/04/04 16:27:43
    COMALite J
    Visually, Avatar 1 was indeed stunning — like dreaming with your eyes open.

    Story-wise, it was “Dances with Ferngully.”
  • charlotte 2011/04/04 16:06:21
    i would have said undecided but there wasnt a button for that..... so i think that no not really.simply for the fact that many people will get hyped up about it so it will make good money im sure but tbh whether it is actually "better" than the first will remain to be seen.
  • chingiss 2011/04/04 15:57:32
    Gooky and King Lobotomy should not see the sequel, It promises to offend their white supremicist feelings. The first Avatar movie ramped up HDTV sales so the second should do the same for 3D HDTV sales. Long live James Cameron.
  • COMALite J chingiss 2011/04/04 16:31:15
    COMALite J
    White supremacists should actually like this movie! Like “Ferngully” and similar movies before it, it has White Hero encounter Primitive Native Tribe, and in a matter of weeks at most master their greatest warrior tactics and improve on them (which took their own people generations to achieve, and even their greatest warriors much of a lifetime to master) and save the day!
  • fluffymarshmellow 2011/04/04 15:40:56
    I just don't see what more could be added to the story.
  • Lucy Pannell 2011/04/04 15:00:41
    Lucy Pannell
    This is a movie that is NOT in need of a sequel, and if the money is spent...it is definately going to be afilm that comes up short.
  • COMALite J Lucy Pa... 2011/04/04 16:36:56
    COMALite J
    I prefer the prequel:
  • whowasphone 2011/04/04 14:14:36
    just answered a question similar to this, and this is exactly what i said:
    "as i've learned, besides a select VERY FEW movies, no sequel is ever better than the original."
  • Hitsuin 2011/04/04 14:03:44 (edited)
    Undecided. Like all movies; it depends on a lot, even though the first movie wasn't great in the first place.

    I swear, hype is nearly all that matters today.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/04/04 13:42:29
    Lady Whitewolf
    Dunno, but hope so!
  • Cathy 2011/04/04 13:02:03
    I liked Avatar 1 and I hope that Avatar 2 is just as great or even greater!
  • ladypuppylove 2011/04/04 12:47:58
    Yes and i saw the movie the color in the movie was just beautiful it was great
  • Lobster Man 2011/04/04 11:49:24
    Lobster Man
    I disliked the hidden messages the first one sent I would not waste my money on the second one.
  • Raramonstah 2011/04/04 10:07:15
  • AequitasVeritas 2011/04/04 08:36:45
    The original was so well executed, it'll be hard to top it - but fingers crossed Avatar 2 won't disappoint!
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/04/04 08:18:11
    Myrle Hulme
    It is one of the few films that I truely felt in one with and if the next one is the same Yes I will enjoy it
  • Gooky 2011/04/04 07:59:54
    This movie stunk on ice...why do these Hollywood jagoffs have to make our military look bad?The only reason i went to see it was because my grandaughter came to visit on her Christmas vacation,and she wanted to treat me & her uncle to a movie.
    My son & i were disgusted by the unpatriotic display of this heathen.Thank God it wasn't my bucks paying for it.
  • Lobster... Gooky 2011/04/04 11:47:14
    Lobster Man
    Gooky, thanks for making me not feel like the only one that hated it, not only did it make the Military look bad but the white race and it had a lot of Environmental brain washing for kids to suck up.
  • Gooky Lobster... 2011/04/04 12:14:34
    You're welcome...not only was i nauseous from the 3-D effect,but it was disgusting what Cameron did.
  • Tyler S... Gooky 2011/04/04 13:54:51
    Tyler Strider
    It's a movie. GET OVER IT
  • Gooky Tyler S... 2011/04/04 14:39:16
    I think you should take your own advice!Why are you so upset?This is my opinion,whether you like it or not!
  • Tyler S... Gooky 2011/04/05 18:17:18
    Tyler Strider
  • Gooky Tyler S... 2011/04/05 21:06:46
    nope ru?
  • Tyler S... Gooky 2011/04/06 12:38:04
    Tyler Strider
    Nah, just jelly.
  • Gooky Tyler S... 2011/04/06 12:44:34
  • Tyler S... Gooky 2011/04/06 12:53:06
    Tyler Strider
  • Scott B Gooky 2011/04/04 15:45:06
    Scott B
    Wow. I am a conservative, very patriotic, former Marine. I wasn't offended by this in the least. The "military" you refer to in this movie are in fact mercenaries. These former military people are a hired security force working for the corporation that is trying to mine the unobtainium. While the story of the evil corporation exploiting natives and trying to drive them off their land is certainly not a new story by any means, I think Avatar is atill one of the most amazing movies ever made. I saw it in iMax-3D and since I work in I.T. for a living, I can totally appreciate the sheer, raw computing power it took to make such an amazingly visually stunning movie.
  • Gooky Scott B 2011/04/04 21:41:58
    I'm so happy you liked it...my opinion still stands...it sucked bong water!
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2011/04/04 07:58:59
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    Very seldom is a sequel better than the first.

    And to be honest....other than the special effects, I thought the first one was pretty poor.
  • MonaDeMark 2011/04/04 07:41:59
    Leftist Hollywood commie Jimmy Camerons anti-Military / America flick can lick.......stinky feet. First one sucked....second...more of the same no doubt.
  • Lobster... MonaDeMark 2011/04/04 11:52:33
    Lobster Man
    Once again we agree 100% it was a slam to our Military and White people and had a lot of Environmental brainwashing for kids.
  • COMALite J Lobster... 2011/04/04 16:34:11
    COMALite J
    It was a slam to mercenaries. As for white people, just who was the hero of this story? What was his race, again?
  • Lobster... COMALite J 2011/04/04 18:04:57
    Lobster Man
    yeah I get your point, I just took it as an old western the cowboys killed off the Indians and stole and destroyed the land and tried to wipe out a race, I am glad you liked it and I hope you watch the next one and enjoy that as well. I choose not to watch the new one and will never watch the first one again
  • COMALite J Lobster... 2011/04/04 19:59:42
    COMALite J
    I didn’t say that I liked it. I just hate it for different reasons than you.
  • Lobster... COMALite J 2011/04/04 20:57:11
    Lobster Man
    Ok lol I guess we have that settled.
  • j moraman Lobster... 2011/04/04 19:33:28
    j moraman
    Exactly, anything to bash Men and Women that put there lives as risk so they can make there millions as they make us ALWAYS out to be the bad guys..
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