Will Anastasia Steele be Recast in 'Fifty Shades' Movie?

ABC News U.S. 2013/10/15 15:19:17
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With Charlie Hunnam bowing out of the highly-anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie this past weekend due to an "immersive TV schedule," what's next for the female lead - Dakota Johnson?

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On Saturday, the studios behind the film, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, released a statement stating, "The filmmakers of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead." The statement continued that Hunnam didn't have time to prepare for the role of Christian Grey while also focusing on his show "Sons of Anarchy."

But back in September after accepting the role, Hunnam, 33, suggested that he and Johnson, 24, who was cast as Anastasia Steele, were the perfect match for the adaptation of the steamy book, especially in the eyes of director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

"We both suggested I do a reading with Dakota, who was [Taylor-Johnson's] favorite," Hunnam told reporters last month. "As soon as we got in the room, I knew that I definitely wanted to do it. There's just a tangible chemistry between us. It felt exciting and fun and weird and compelling."

So, if it was the "tangible chemistry" between Johnson and Hunnam that locked the actors in to do the movie, does Hunnam's departure mean Johnson's character will be recast as well?

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  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/10/15 21:01:15
    Just Jenn for Now
    Can we just NOT EVER make a movie about this please??

    Can we just stop promoting it altogether??

    Are people really so ignorant to see this is just a fanfiction based off Twilight???

    It's a Twilight fanfiction that got the names changed to avoid copyright issues. But a piece of crap by any other name still smells like crap.

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  • anastasia.littlemoon.c 2013/11/30 20:13:45
    Leave the book alone! It was good the way it was.
  • Jeff 2013/10/20 16:51:23
    I think Charlie Hunnam was right to change his mind. This movie will be nothing but porn.
  • Dave 007 2013/10/19 15:48:19
    Dave 007
  • Rude I3itch 2013/10/19 04:37:19
    Rude I3itch
    I REALLY don't want this movie to happen, honestly I don't get the fantasy... why aren't more women outraged by this crap not just the abuse but the damn bad grammer... the bitch that wrote the book had no respect for how americans speak and it sounds like it was written by a teenager. I'm convinced that the women that find this book steamy are the same women that voted for mitt romney
  • Jax Ryder 2013/10/17 19:10:33
    Jax Ryder
    Now onto the subject of SHOULD she...
  • Kigan 2013/10/17 16:58:20
    They really just need to stop this movie. Now.
  • Brony4Life 2013/10/17 09:58:55
    Cast no one.

    Write nothing.

    Hire no one.

    Reserve nothing.

    Pay nothing.

    Cut all budgets.

    Cancel this horrible piece of crap before it can even launch.

    Have a party to celebrate victory of stopping what will be another rotten pile of dung from hitting the box office.
    Seriously, how can anyone like it? We all know the "secret" that this literature porno was written as a result of Twilight. It even USED Bella and Edward and all that, the names just got changed around and obviously got itself an "original" title.

    eyeroll gif
  • cranejumper 2013/10/17 06:41:00
  • sally 2013/10/17 06:06:13
    How about they cancel the whole thing?
  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2013/10/17 05:46:09
    She should :D
  • Natalia16 2013/10/17 01:39:41
    Hope so anyway..
  • melissa 2013/10/16 23:59:16
    I never heard of this woman,but whoever the author choose to play the leading role in the movie I hope they do a good job and don't take away the concept of the book. By the way " Fifty Shades of Grey" is sexy and scandalous. I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK BUT I HEARD IT A GOOD BOOK FOR ADULTS.
  • 111 melissa 2013/10/17 01:43:40
    You heard wrong...
  • melissa 111 2013/10/18 01:42:28
    NO! I heard what I heard. It's not a novel that many people approve included yourself. That YOUR OPINION and I have mind.YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE SO LET LEAVE IT AT THAT.
  • 111 melissa 2013/10/18 03:39:00
    You seem really defensive about a book you haven't read.

    I'm not saying it's my opinion. I am saying, objectively, that this book is bad for society.
  • melissa 111 2013/10/19 01:40:40
    YOU just foul up my mood! I have not read the book yet, but your comment on the book itself I have to consider my option.
  • 111 melissa 2013/10/19 02:56:20
    Read it, then. I was trying to save you some money and time.
  • EmoKiss:3 2013/10/16 23:47:22
    I guess?
  • old school 2013/10/16 23:14:12
    old school
    it should be some like Charlize Theron or Eva Manendez some one exotic and sexy. someone even women would want to sleep with. women are more into this then men are so if you have a beautiful sexy female lead that women like and also find attractive it will do good. besides this Anastasia steele doesn't quite fit the part in my opinion just my opinion.
  • Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven 2013/10/16 21:00:43
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
    This is one book I don't want to see become a movie. It's better as a book, leave it alone.
  • trufflehunter2 2013/10/16 20:36:40
    plz for the love of god don't make this into a movie the book was bad ask is
  • Andrea truffle... 2013/10/16 20:41:15
    Did you read it? The only people who would appreciate this trilogy are those who appreciate mommy porn.
  • Dickens 2013/10/16 19:22:14
  • Lunar Patronus 2013/10/16 15:13:32 (edited)
    Lunar Patronus
    With any luck this will end the stupid idea altogether.
  • maddog278 2013/10/16 14:18:12
    It should go to Amanda Seyfreid.
  • Tobi 2013/10/16 10:10:55 (edited)
  • L1 2013/10/16 09:22:27
    Only, if Dakota Johnson bows out of the role....
  • mae 2013/10/16 06:53:16
    Most likely, and suspect the producers will be going for more recognizable names, and possibly older actors for the male lead.
  • spiritgal33 2013/10/16 05:28:45
    Wow how many 50 shade questions until they finally shut up? I never watched it and now with the amount of questions about it...i never will
  • harasni... spiritg... 2013/10/16 18:54:29
    It's something you read, not watch, lol. It shouldn't have been read in the first place, tbh.
  • The True Sa'Diyah 2013/10/16 04:36:39
    The True Sa'Diyah
    Why are they making this a movie? Why is it a book?
  • harasni... The Tru... 2013/10/16 18:56:30
    Because the author (and I use that term so very loosely) is milking her "success" for as long as she can. Unfortunately for her, I think interest in this movie will be nonexistent by the time it hits theaters (which I hope to God it doesn't make it that far).
  • 111 harasni... 2013/10/16 20:09:07
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that directors or screenwriters decided to take on film adaptations (with the go-ahead of the company), not the author's of the books.
  • harasni... 111 2013/10/16 22:39:40
  • 111 harasni... 2013/10/16 23:04:41
    That's it. I'm (not) robbing that woman (because robbing is wrong).

  • Random 111 2013/10/20 00:12:43 (edited)
    Really? I thought that whenever a screen adaptation was made they had to buy the intellectual rights from the author (or the author's family) since the book is the intellectual property of said author. And thus if they make the go ahead without the permission of the author they would be sued for copyright infringement.
    I mean you'll never see a film adaptation made of The Catcher in the Rye (not saying that is the same as 50 Shades, obviously) because the author forbade it. Same with a sequel to Mary Poppins, even though the books were a series. The Author said, nope, not going to happen.

    Studios may jerk around the author, the adaption may even piss off the author, but they still need the author's permission to make an adaptation to begin with.

    Oh god, I just implied E L James was an author. Um............ Ew.........
  • 111 Random 2013/10/20 01:10:53
    True, the author gives them the go-ahead, but I think it's usually someone in the movie business who decides what book they want to use. In other words, someone approached EL James about making a film adaptation of 50 Shades, not the other way around. But I'm not sure. Maybe it could go either way.
  • Random 111 2013/10/20 01:12:23
  • Zeze 2013/10/16 03:56:25
    Wow. A lot of people weigh in on this one. Nevertheless, I don't think the movie will be made. Too much drama already.
  • tarebathe 2013/10/15 23:51:00

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