Why I Am A Reality Television Failure

It's likely that I'm the only person on the planet that didn't go gaga for reality TV when it first made it's debut…uhm... whenever that was. I didn't care to watch people eat bugs on Fear Factor because I thought it was gross, and I thought that anyone who looked for love on television a la The Bachelor was probably going to attract the wrong kind of person.

I started watching American Idol only when an actual flesh-and-blood friend of mine was on it (spoiler alert: she didn't win), and I'll admit that I'm still pretty attached to it. It figures that no one I know watches it anymore.

Mostly, I avoid the other shows because while the initial appeal: that the shows were real and unscripted unlike the Prime Time television shows, it's clear that this is no longer the case. I mean, have you seen some of the plot twists on these shows? Couldn't be more contrived.

Which is fine with me. I'm just not that interested in watching real people do things. There's a reason most people aren't on television: we're all boring. If you were to come over to my house on any given night to observe my family in action, chances are you'd be bored stiff. So the producers liven it up with "and then the man was really a woman" or surprise engagements and pretend pregnancies. I don't know. It all seems desperate and weird. Obviously, I'm in the minority, because the shows keep chugging along.

Take for example, Wife Swap, a show I've seen a grand total of twelve whole minutes of and that was when I was stuck at a friend's house once. The premise is that two completely different kinds of people switch wives for a week or so. Hilarity ensues as the cameras whirl.

Shockingly, I was contacted to be on the show. The producers found me several years ago through my blog. When I informed my husband of it, we spent a good deal of time trying to imagine who the other half of the show would be. The yin to our yang. We never really came up with much, but it was a pretty quick "no way" in my mind.

While I wouldn't mind fame and adoration, I don't think I'd care for cameras following me around. They'd be trying to get me to flip out because someone in my "new family" had served me a hunk of raw meat teeming with maggots for breakfast or I'd been forced to try and learn to dance the funky chicken. Plus, I really didn't need the entire world judging my hideous green dining room that I haven't gotten around to painting yet.

I do enough judging of that myself, thank you very much. If offered, would you choose to be on a reality show?
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  • Jayme 2010/01/05 06:35:55
    I could never be on Wife Swap. They'd hook my husband up with a wife who cooks, cleans, does laundry, watches the kids, and brings home money and he'd realize just how crappy of a housewife he's stuck with.

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  • jimiwhitten 2010/01/07 20:59:03
    I am a devout jimiwhittenist and reality shows are against my religion. I am just shocked that so many people watch so much garbage. I tried my best to watch so that I could join in the conversation - couldn't force myself. I have no idea who won Idol or America's got Talent of Somebody Got Fired, Lost, Found, the Amazing Bore... And I could not possibly care less.
  • Zimt29 2010/01/06 23:20:55
    No way. Like you, I believe my life is ordinary aka boring. There's no way those producers don't create situations for what I call "watchability". For example, I watched one new show on TLC last week and was cracking up. There was one scene that had to be created because there was no way it would actually happen; I'm 100% sure of it. I think it's being taken too far. Even D and "Z" list celebs get shows now.
  • Becky S... Zimt29 2010/01/07 01:52:28
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    And they're usually so DULL. Not always, but often.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2010/01/06 04:47:36
    ♥Nicole A♥
    I complain how stupid they all are but I love watching them?! I have watched Bad Girls Club, Daisy of Love, Keeping up with the Kardshians, The Simple Life, The Girls Next Door and The Swan.
    girls club daisy love kardshians simple life girls door swan
  • Becky S... ♥Nicole A♥ 2010/01/06 13:34:55
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    The Simple Life! I'd forgotten that one. It was great.
  • pirula 2010/01/05 17:20:16
    oh come on, I know reality TV isn't highbrow, but don't you at least love-to-hate-it? All the raw emotional power of normal people desperately seeking attention.... My fav has to be ANTM, made me realize models are more than just a pretty face, they are also just neurotic girls like me.
  • Becky S... pirula 2010/01/05 17:48:45
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    I love, love, love Rock of Love. I admit it. I own my love of Bret Michaels.
  • Josh :D 2010/01/05 13:18:02
    Josh :D
    Wife Swap, I must admit, is pretty addicting to me. The rest of them aren't very enticing, though.
  • Becky S... Josh :D 2010/01/05 16:26:22
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    I'm a big fan of American Idol. I know, I know. I'm passe.
  • Josh :D Becky S... 2010/01/05 22:43:02
    Josh :D
    That one's fine until the auditions end and it's not funny anymore. D:
  • ghdfsgesr 2010/01/05 13:02:26
  • pixielation 2010/01/05 11:07:27
    I have never been approached by any shows like that, but there is no way I would consider it even if I was. 15 minutes of fame? No thanks - not like that!

    Luckily I am not extreme enough to be suitable, these days they really do like the most extreme ends of the spectrum. They no longer want normal people, as they realised that there isn't enough friction generated, and friction equals ratings.
  • Becky S... pixiela... 2010/01/05 16:27:01
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    See! EXACTLY! My take exactly. I was all, wait...then who AM I? Like which extreme am I?
  • Jayme 2010/01/05 06:35:55
    I could never be on Wife Swap. They'd hook my husband up with a wife who cooks, cleans, does laundry, watches the kids, and brings home money and he'd realize just how crappy of a housewife he's stuck with.
  • Becky S... Jayme 2010/01/05 16:27:36
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    Bwahahaha! Good call. If my husband knew how bad he had it, maybe he'd leave me for better wifely pastures.
  • Susie Anderson 2010/01/05 05:19:53
    Susie Anderson
    I am sadly a reality television junkie :( But I don't think I'd actually be on one myself. Maybe that's why I enjoy them so much...
  • Becky S... Susie A... 2010/01/05 16:28:08
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    I love, love, love, Rock of Love. Which, I know, TRASHY. But, LOVES IT. But I would NEVER be on it. Probably because I'm not, uh, made of silicone.
  • Susie A... Becky S... 2010/01/05 17:04:30
    Susie Anderson
    Oooh I've never watched that one. Maybe I need to start... :)
  • Kathy 2010/01/05 05:11:09
    Thank you Becky
    I also hate those shows, I don't even watch American Idol, but I was cheering for SUSAN BOYLE:) I was so mad when the Brits complained she had her eyebrows done, etc she changed herself. One thing about Americans, we look for change for the good. Americans love to see a caterpillar become a butterfly:)

  • Becky S... Kathy 2010/01/05 16:28:45
    Becky Sherrick Harks
    Oh yeah! When she turned into such a lovely beauty? It was amazing.

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